Ah...here's all the beautiful artwork drawn by you fans! Check out these wonderful works and remember to give the artists feedback and tell them how great their work is!

small note: this page may take a little while to load, due to the many pictures...sorry for the inconvenience....  to see a picture full sized, click on it! ^_~


By Mako-chan:

under the stars.... k-i-s-s-i-n-g a tender moment.... together...

Oh...and we'd like to mention that Mako-chan's scanner sucks.  The originals are much better, and she apologizes for the poor quality of the scans.


By Krelchan:

tasuchichart5.jpg (46090 bytes)


By Asidian:

they just can't keep their hands off each other! ^.^


By Focsfyr:

red threads of destiny.... Chiri with bells cuddling tasuchichartb.jpg (30245 bytes)


By venatic:

taschikojart.jpg (32973 bytes) hey, the more the merrier rub-a-dub-dub, Tasuki in the tub  X3 it looks so...primitive  XD


By chikki-chan:

tasuchichartc.jpg (25078 bytes) tasuchichartd.jpg (74126 bytes) Kyaa! They look soooo happy and cute! <3 tasuchichartf.jpg (32623 bytes) tasuchichartg.jpg (12277 bytes) tasuchicharth.jpg (32458 bytes) Awww... x 4 tasuchichartj.jpg (12204 bytes) tasuchichartk.jpg (21692 bytes)

Like what you see? be sure to visit Chikki-chan's page at http://www.crosswinds.net/~chikki/


By Beanclam:

It was because of this picture that I went and searched beanclam-chan out to see more of her work and ask if I could post on my page.... ^_~ beanclamart2.jpg (14788 bytes) beanclamart3.jpg (37874 bytes) beanclamart4.jpg (12237 bytes) beanclamart5.jpg (23508 bytes) beanclamart6.jpg (27303 bytes) beanclamart7.jpg (48768 bytes) yin-yang...sorta....

Please go and see more of Beanclam's beautiful artwork at http://drawingboard0.tripod.com/   Very, very beautiful work.


By Julie Lane:

tasuchichartl.jpg (201651 bytes)


By Seiko:

chirixmasart.jpg (80709 bytes)


By Erinu the Rafusen:

Sekushii!! chiriart2.jpg (65664 bytes) tasukisekushiart.jpg (69979 bytes) tasuchichartm.jpg (88058 bytes)


By Kuriichan:

They just can't stay away from each other. ^^




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