I want your work! But I do have a few rules...to make things easier for me. ^_~



1. Must be Tasuki and/or Chichiri related. I don't want any TasukixNuriko, TasukixTamahome, definitely, definitely no TasukixMiaka, ChichirixMitsukake, ChichirixChiriko (not that I think there are any of those.... ^_^*), etc.  You get the idea.  I don't mind mention of Koran and Hikou (Chiri's fiancée and friend), as long as he gets with the fanged one in the end.  ^_~

2. When you send it, be sure to include the name you go by and your e-mail address. We want to know who you are and be able to give you praise. ^_^

3. I reserve the right to refuse any fanworks sent to me.  Generally, when I update the page with your work, I'll send you an e-mail to let you know, so if you don't ever hear from me it's safe to assume it wasn't accepted... =x  But this is a VERY RARE occurrence!  .^,^  So don't be afraid to submit.  ::thumbs up::

4. Please put something like "TASUKI CHICHIRI ART/FIC SUBMISSION!!!" in the subject line of your e-mail, otherwise I'm likely to think it's spam and delete it without looking at what it is.



1. The best way to send me a fic is to put it right in an e-mail message. From there I can cut and paste.  Or, if you have it posted somewhere on the 'net, send me the link.

2. Make sure it looks ok. I can do some minor fixing if I need to (because I'm a grammar nazi and want fics readable), but I don't want to be editing fics all the time. Try to use proper grammar and sentence structure and SPELL CHECK.  Please...?

3. NEW RULE!!  I no longer will accept unfinished fics!!!  There's nothing more annoying than reading a chapter or two of a really good story, and then never getting the rest..  ^^*  For those who already have incomplete stories posted, I'll let them be (since they're already up), but from here on out, wait until it's completely done before sending.



1. Just...send it as an attachment.

2. Not too big! Please.... I only have a piddly little 56k modem, so big images take FOREVER to download..  >_>


And that's all for now!  Now...get those masterpieces in!

Send me your work!