Aoi sora ni wa aoi jiyuu ga aru... Shiroi kumo ni wa shiroi nozomi ga aru...

Blue Freedom, White Hope

Tasuki & Chichiri


Hello! Welcome to my shrine dedicated solely to the adorable yaoi coupling of Tasuki and Chichiri. These two bishonen are my favorite characters in Fushigi Yuugi, so of course, me being the huge yaoi fan that I am, I felt the need to take their close friendship and run wild with it. ^_^

I would like to say, first off, I'm very well aware that the two cuties in question aren't actually a couple. I know Chiri had a fiancée, not to mention he's a monk, and Tasuki had that...thing for Miaka (though, Yu Watase did say in an interview somewhere that he didn't really love her like that...he was under Hikou's spell in part). This page is all just my opinion, which we're all entitled to. But, you've gotta admit, they make a great team, so why not a couple? And they did spend a lot of time (3 years) traveling together between the TV series and the OAVs.... I wonder what they did all that time.

And, yes, I have seen the entire series. ::all proud of self::  All 52  TV episodes and 13 OAV episodes, including 'Eikou Den'.  ^_^ Plus, I've read translations to both of their Gaiden novels.....not that that has anything to do with anything..  ^^  (note: because people keep asking - no, I do not remember where I found the translations...  I think they were posted on the FYML a long, looooong time ago.  like...over seven years ago...  I have no clue as to where to find 'em now.......which is too bad because they're really interesting. ^,^ even explain where Kouji got his scar... err...rambling...gomen... ^^* )

Anyway.... On with the fun!


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