Tomokazu Seki & Nobutoshi Canna

This may sound odd, but there are times I think I'm more into the seiyuu than I am the anime. ^,^  Both of these beautiful voices are very high up on my favorites list, so I'm very happy this page gives me an excuse...I mean...reason to rant about them a bit.  ^,^


Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu Seki is Chichiri's kawaii seiyuu.  He has a huge list of credits, including Ken from Weiß Kreuz, Touya from Card Captor Sakura, Dee from Fake, Shuuichi in Gravitation, Satoshi from D.N.Angel (drama CDs only), Kamui from X/1999 (daa...all the yaoi boys.. ^^), Touji from Evangelion, Van from Esclaflowne, Yzak from Gundam SEED, Kyo from Fruits Basket, Tenma from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Guy Daikouji from Nadesico, Yzak from Gundam SEED...and that's just the anime I've seen!  His voice is very sexy and has a good range to it, as one can tell with the pitch he used for our beloved monk.  He himself is cute and friendly...overly friendly to females (as in...he's quite the ecchi)...and cheerful.  A bit like Chichiri, with his outgoing nature...but more hentai.


Nobutoshi Canna

The seiyuu formerly known as 'Hayashi', Can-chan is the voice of Tasuki.  Quite talented, his roles include Syo Nakamoto from Sotsugyo M, Basara Nekki from Macross 7, Gattsu from Beserk, Randy from Angelique, Gawl from Generator Gawl, Ryo from Project ARMS, Kabuto from Naruto, Ban from Get Backers...and so on.  His voice is rather gruff, but also has a soothing quality to it and can get quite boyish at times.  Personality wise... o_o  Canna is Tasuki!  Fierce and spunky, playful and wolfish, the guy is a fiery ball of energy.  Stare at him long enough, and they even start looking alike.  ^,^


Canna x Seki???

Someone once said "You know you're way too into Tasuki x Chichiri when you start thinking maybe their seiyuu have something going on..."  Whee, wouldn't that be fun!  XP




Points to ponder....
  • In addition to Chichiri, Seki also does Kouji in Fushigi Yuugi....  You know, that other guy Tasuki's often paired up with.  ^,^
  • Canna doesn't naturally speak in the Kanzai dialect.  Actually, it took a lot of work for him to be able to pull it off correctly.  In fact, Yu Watase does speak the dialect, so she was one of the people to work with him on it (or so I've heard).  ^_^