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*LEMON* = graphic sex! (18 years and older only!)

*AU* = alternate universe (takes place outside the FY timeline)

*NEW* = just added (at most recent update)



Muzukashii Uta by Me! (sailorstarsun*AU*

part one  part two  part three  part four  part five  epilogue

Prince Saihitei longs to escape his restrictive palace life, Tamahome and Miaka get engaged, making band-mate Tasuki feel his own loneliness, and Chichiri gets tickets to a very special concert.

Yay!  Chikki-chan drew some fanart for my fic!  ^_____^  Check it out!

Rockin' with TNT! Chiri and his 'TNT' poster  ^_^ When Tasuki met Chichiri.


Indecent Politics by me again!  ^^* (sailorstarsun*AU*

Romance between co-workers never works out.  (warning: not a very happy fic...)


untitled fic by Mako-chan

Tasuki and Chichiri finally admit their feelings for each other, and they, as well as the others, have to learn to live with this new development.


untitled lemon by Mako-chan  *LEMON*

Revealed feelings lead to passion (rowr! ^_^).


Here Without You by Asidian

Tasuki finds out about the death of Chichiri... (::sniffle:: get those tissues ready!)


Veils of Red by Celestial Phoenix

A beautiful poem....


Night Flower by Sakata Ri Houjun

A re-telling of OVA episode 4, through Chichiri's POV.  Very sweet and...kind of heartbreaking.. ;_;

I'll Be Here for You by Sakata Ri Houjun

Sequel to 'Night Flower', a re-telling of OVA episode 5, through Tasuki's POV.  ::sniffle::  More heartbreaking....  ;_;


Spellbound by Sakata Ri Houjun  *AU*

prologue  part one  part two  part three  part four  part five  part six

A thousand years after their time, an evil of the past comes to take the reincarnated Chichiri away, and Tasuki must remember his love before it's too late.


10 Things I Love About You No Da.....  by Mi-chan  *AU*

After a tiff, Tasuki and Chichiri list off 10 things they love about each other.  (very cute!  ^^)


Lost Memories by A.J. Matthews  *AU*

A danger of the past follows Chichiri to the future, and Tasuki must remember who he is to protect the one he didn't know he loved.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4


Promises by A.J. Matthews

Sequel to 'Lost Memories'. (not yet completed)

Part 1


Jumper by Washu

An unstable Tasuki needs something to live for....


To Trust and Protect by Hitari  *AU*

NYPD officer Genrou is given the job to protect a battered Houjun from a vicious ex-lover. (not yet completed)

Part one  Part two  Part three


Irony of Desire by Hitari  *AU*

Plagued by mysterious dreams, someone unexpected appears in Genrou's life. (not yet completed)

Part one  Part two *LEMON*


Under the Moonlight by Hitari  *LEMON*

Tasuki can be so stubborn!  But Chichiri will deal with it his own way.


Much ado about Elevators by Hitari  *LEMON*

In the midst of an intense argument, Tasuki and Chichiri get stuck in an elevator...the perfect place to kiss and make up.  ^_~


Help Me Get Through The Night by Jashi

A beautiful poem from Tasuki.


Healing by Shinigami

After Tasuki and Tamahome's fight, Chichiri can't help but worry for the bandit.  What can he do to help him heal?

part 1  part 2  epilogue


Cloths of Heaven by Shinigami

Chichiri holds a secret close to his heart.  What does Tasuki hold?


Paint Brush by Shinigami  *AU*

High school is an important time for teenagers, full of school, homework, and of course, love.




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