This is where I go through the whole series and point out and giggle over all the cute Tasuki & Chichiri moments. ^_^ They just work so well together!  (err...spoilers for the anime series, obviously.  and yes, this is done exclusively off the anime, as I haven't collected the manga.  and yes, it was initially done off the dub, 'cause...that's what I watched way back when I first made this page...  ^^* )


Episode 17

Tasuki and Chichiri's first meeting.  Tasuki's reaction... "What is that!?"  ^_^


Episode 19

The first time they work alongside each other. Even after knowing one another for only a short time, we see Chiri's ability to calm Tasuki down. Then he tied him up....


Episode 20

Oh...the infamous episode where Tasuki and Tamahome fight! At one point Tasuki has to yell at Chichiri "stop distracting me!" Guess Chiri's too cute for his own good. ^_^ (ok, so that wasn't really the reason why... I think... hey, ya never know ^_^º) After Tasuki thoroughly got the $#!@ kicked out of him by Tamahome...stuff happens and they're able to escape. In one of my favorite scenes, Chichiri clutches Tasuki to him, telling him he'll be alright. ^_^ 


Episode 24

In the scene where Amiboshi has the Suzaku Seishi at his mercy, it shows all of them clutching their heads in pain.  Right before Miaka starts walking toward Amiboshi, notice Tasuki and Chichiri staying side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, as though they need to be near each other in their time of pain. (ok, ok...I'm pathetic ^_^)

Da, and it keeps getting pointed out to me over and over  ^^*  so I have to add it or the fans will never be satisfied...after Tamahome and Tasuki track down Amiboshi, Chichiri and Miaka pop out of thin air...with Chichiri making a very strategic landing.  ::laughs::  I'd never paid much attention before, but Chichiri is actually straddling Tasuki!  There!  ^,^  Who says the monk can't be seme?



Episode 31

This is one of the first times we see that Tasuki and Chichiri really enjoy simply being around each other. A cold night in Hokkan, they sit outside together...alone (while 'Chiri polishes his...staff ^.^). You'd think Chichiri would rather have some intelligent conversation with Chiriko, or that Tasuki would be off causing trouble with Nuriko, but they instead prefer spending peaceful quality time. Peaceful, that is, until Tasuki gets pissed off again, and, as usual, it's up to the monk to calm him down.

Later, Chichiri is laying out the team's strategy, and makes a point to pair Tasuki up with Mitsukake.... Guess he didn't want any distractions. ^_^ (kya! kidding!)


Episode 34

Just one tiny li'l moment.... Tasuki gets miffed when the Shichiseishi aren't invited to accompany their Miko to get the Shinzaho, and once again Chichiri is the one to cool his temper.

Near the end of the episode, when everyone has their heads bowed in defeat at learning that they need yet another Shinzaho, Tasuki and Chichiri look like they're having their own private huddle. ^_^ Then, when saying goodbye to Hikitsu and Tomite, they're standing so looks like they're about to start holding hands at any moment. (not even Miaka and Tama are that close....)

"Le sigh.." Just a little closer....


Episode 36

Minute cute scene with Chichiri playing referee between Tasuki and...his horse. ^_^º

(for this next part, just for the record, I'm doing this guide off the dubbed tapes - I do collect and love both dubbed and subbed, but this is the version I just happened to do) Moving on....

Tamahome says "Chichiri has to take Tasuki to task." ^_^ I wonder what that consists of.... Why couldn't he have said 'Mitsukake' or 'Hotohori' or even 'Chiriko'? Hell, he could have just said 'the others', but he specifically pointed out 'Chichiri'. Looks like somebody's catching on. ^_~


Episode 37

Da! Everyone's favorite scene - Tasuki drunk off his ass! Here we have another example of how much Chichiri enjoys being in Tasuki's company. It would have been way more in character for 'Chiri to go read with Chiriko or discuss herbs with Mitsukake, or even go off on his own to meditate peacefully. Nope.... He preferred to sit and watch Tasuki run around without a shirt on.

Now's your chance!  Grab him!


Episode 41

Tiny li'l cute scene with Tasuki and Chichiri sleeping next to each other. ^.^

Not exactly a TasukixChichiri moment, but in this episode we hear Chichiri ask "what's a good deep kiss?" Though I'm sure he loved his fiancée very much, this makes me wonder how close they were. (...guess Tasuki's gonna have to show him that 'good deep kiss', ne?  ^_~)


Episode 50

The scene when Tasuki and Chichiri come out of the book is sooo cute!


Episode 51

Damn! What a team!! Even when fighting their mortal enemy, these two work so well together! But even in the middle of intense battle....

Tasuki: "Hey, wanna check out the booze and the food in this world after we finish up here?"

Chichiri: "I'll buy the first round."

Sounds like a date to me! But, geez guys, don't you have more important things to do than make dates...?

Anywho.... Their dialogue in this episode makes it seem like even thy are aware of how great a team they make. And I just love the way Chichiri says they'll fight "together."

(wow...that looks kinda cool.... in one scene it's a close up of Tasuki with Chichiri in the the other it's a close up of Chichiri with Tasuki in the back.... next to each other, these screen snaps look really cool ^_^ looks like a giant Tasuki is about to eat a bite-sized Chichiri...  o_o )



On to a new series! Yi-hoo!

Episode 2

We find out...sometime...that a year has passed in the Universe of the Four Gods since Miaka had been there. Tasuki and Chichiri seem to together. ^.^ Well, not in the usual sense of the word, but technically that's what it is. A whole year since the time when they were required to work together, but together they stay. The dynamics of their relationship are awfully cute; I love how Tasuki teases Chichiri about being hit on by women. ^^ ( just realized, though he was teasing him at the time, Tasuki did inadvertently admit he thought Chichiri was good looking.... can we say Freudian Slip?)


Episode 3

Nothing here really. Everyone fights Tenkou (with Tas and Chich by each other's side, as usual), and it's all good. Then everyone goes their separate ways...except Tasuki and Chichiri, who are still together in the next series.... Coming up!



Episode 1

It's been two years since the last adventure and yet...yep, still together.  It may not seem like it at first.  Tasuki shows up and hangs with Taka and Miaka a bit before Chichiri comes in; one could argue if they were together wouldn't they have shown up at the same time?  Not necessarily.  One could have wandered off for a few minutes alone (all couples need some space), or got lost or something.  What tells me they have been together is how they reacted to each other when Chichiri did show up.  There was no "hey, how's it going!?" or "long time no see!"  It was just..."hurry up and get it out!"

Which brings up another point....  Chichiri had absolutely no problem sticking his hand down Tasuki's pants....  Hmm....


Episode 2

Aahhh!  It's that scene that I hate so much! (one of 'em....)  It was CPR!  Sure, it looked like more....  Chichiri thought so too, I think, so he made a point to put a stop to it ASAP. (must be the jealous type)


Episode 4

-_-  It's that episode....  It's a spell!  He's under a spell!

But, damn, Tasuki is hot when he's kicking ass!

Even Tamahome said it was just because he was under a spell (as Tasuki apologized 30 times)....  So there! ::cries::


Episode 5

::sniffle::  This episode always makes me cry....

When leaving to face Hikou, Chichiri obviously has his mind set to go by himself.  Tasuki would have none of that; he insisted on going.  (he also mentioned that he always thought of Miaka as a sister..)  Then there's a gratuitous Chichiri touching Tasuki's hair scene  ^.^  as he, once again, says they'll fight together.  And, pointed out to me by Mysia Ri and apprenticenash, when Chichiri puts his hand on Tasuki's head, the words of the song playing right then are "daijoubu, aishiteru yo" meaning "It's all right, I love you."  ^.^

Tamahome insists on going too, but he's obviously got his own reasons....

And, damn, Chichiri is hot when he's kicking ass!

But...bad monk!  How could you tell Tasuki to hurt the one he loves!?  Can't you see how much it hurts him!?

Waa...reading Sakana's fic, "I'll be Here for You" (can be found in the fanfics section), I just realized....  As of this episode, only three other people know how Chichiri got his scar.  Miaka, Tamahome, and...Tasuki.  They were the only ones around when Hikou showed how it happened....  Hmm...  ::marks down another point for Tasuki::

::wipes tear::  This one always makes me cry....


Episode 6

Tasuki and Taka get a pretty cute scene here....  Of course, Taka and Tama get a few scenes too.... ^.^

Anyway...there's not many Tasuki/Chichiri moments here.  Everyone's so busy running around in all the excitement of the battle, they don't really have a chance to be alone.  As the Suzaku Shichiseishi get ready to leave for battle they make it a point to really acknowledge one another.

Then there's a big battle and everyone dies.  ^.^*  Ok, not really, but Tasuki thinks so.  And here's Tasuki's second Freudian Slip of the series...he asks Chichiri about having his mask on after he's dead.  Why not just come out and say "if we're gonna be dead I at least want to see your face...." ?

And that's it.  The battle is over, the others will be reborn and join Taka and Miaka in their world, and Tasuki and Chichiri live to spend the rest of their lives together.


The end.



Note:  Someday I'll get around to doing the Eikou Den OVA.  ...  Someday.  =x