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Chichiri stared out over the expanse of ocean around him, his kesa flying
out behind him as he sat cross-legged near the edge of the ship. His mask
lay forgotten in his lap; there was no need to wear it this late at night
when he assumed the others had all retired for the night. Thus, it came as
quite a surprise to the normally alert monk when he heard footsteps behind
him, stopping not far from where he sat.

"Mind if I sit with you?"

'Tasuki. So, he's still awake... Figures. I suppose he would have a pretty
hard time sleeping on a ship given his fear of water. Not to mention all the
excitement we've been having lately.' "Sure, go ahead no da." He said out

"Thanks." The younger man took a seat next to Chichiri, taking care to stay
as far from the water as possible. "So, watcha lookin' at?" He gazed out
over the water as if trying to determine what the monk had been watching.
Chichiri shrugged.

"Nothing... I'm just thinking no da."

"'Bout what?" He glanced over at his friend questioningly.

"It's... I don't really want to talk about it if that's alright no da."

Tasuki nodded slowly. Noting the evident pain in Chichiri's voice he decided
to simply leave it at that. "So, do you know what's up with Tama? He seems
kinda down right now. He's freaking the hell outta me the way he's been

Chichiri closed his eye briefly before replying. "I meant to tell you
earlier but I didn't get a chance to no da. You never did find out what
actually happened when Tamahome, Miaka, and Nuriko went to bring
Tamahome-kun's family back to Eiyou, did you no da?" Knowing what the reply
would be, he continued. "Did you ever stop to think about why they didn't
come back with them no da?"

Tasuki blinked, not understanding. "No... I assumed they were escorted to
the palace already or something. Why, what happened?"

"When Tamahome, Miaka, and Nuriko arrived at his house they found that his
entire family had been completely slaughtered no da. Suboshi, Amiboshi's
twin brother, killed them in revenge for his brother's death no da."

The bandit nearly leaped to his feet but managed to restrain himself. "What
the hell?? We didn't kill him! The little shit fell in the damned river!
Dammit, I'll kill that stupid 'Suboshi' guy as soon as I get the chance, I
swear it!"

Chichiri smiled very faintly. "I think you'll have to wait in line no da..."

"Whatever. Shit, poor Tama. And to think I spent the entire time after he
returned teasing him and being a damned jerk. If I had known-" He cut
himself off and sighed. "Shit..."

"Don't feel too bad, Tasuki-kun no da. I think Tamahome needed some of that
to cheer him up after what had happened no da. He's not mad at you no da."
He felt Tasuki inching closer to him.


"Hai no da." Chichiri was aware that Tasuki had edged even closer to him,
and squirmed slightly, acutely aware of the bandit's warm body just scant
inches from his. He stiffened as Tasuki draped one arm over his shoulder.
"Ano... Tasuki-kun? What are you doing no da?" Chichiri asked nervously,
feeling the younger man's hot breath near his neck.

"Nothing... Why?"

"Er, it's just... Never mind. It's nothing no da..." Chichiri muttered,
turning his head so that Tasuki couldn't see that he was blushing.

"Ne, Chichiri, I've never really seen you without your mask. Let me see
you..." He reached over with his free hand and gently took hold of
Chichiri's face, turning it towards him so he could look at him. His eyes
roamed over the monk's face, from his right eye, down past his nose to his
mouth, and eventually drawn up towards the terrible scar that sealed his
left eye shut. Chichiri winced and tried to turn away, but Tasuki's hand
kept his head in place. "Don't look away from me." He was silent for a
moment, and then added, "So, how did you get it?"

"I-I'd rather not talk about it no da..." He shifted uncomfortably under the
bandit's gaze.

Tasuki just nodded. "Okay, if you're sure... But sometimes it's better if
you tell someone about it, you know. If you want to tell me about it, I'll

Chichiri shook his head. "No, I'd really rather not no da... All I'll say is
that it will always remain there to remind me of how I failed..."

"Okay, I guess I understand... You don't have to tell me if you don't want
to. Just remember, if you ever need to talk about it you know where to find
me." Abruptly, he let go of Chichiri and laid back on the deck, hands behind
his head as he stared up into the sky. "Hm... Ah, there it is."

Chichiri blinked and lay down next to his friend. "What's there no da?"

Tasuki rolled his eyes. "My constellation, of course! What else would I see
up there?"

"I don't know no da... Hey, there's mine no da! It's right next to yours no
da." He pointed up into the night sky.

Tasuki's gaze followed his finger, searching until he located the

"Hmm, so it is. I wonder if this could mean anything.?"

Chichiri blinked again; his friend's tone of voice was beginning to make him
feel nervous. "N-nani no da? Ah, hai. maybe no da."

Sensing the sudden discomfort in the other man's voice, Tasuki glanced over
at him.

"Ne, what's wrong, Chiri-chan?"

'Chiri-chan?? He just called me Chiri-chan! What's going on with him right
now?' Looking briefly at the bandit's face, he felt his heart flutter. 'Or
me, for that matter? What's happening to me? Every time I look at him I
feel. something, I don't know what. What is this feeling.?' Outwardly, he
forced a somewhat cheerful answer. "Nothing no da. I'm just thinking,
Tasuki-chan no da."

"Tasuki-WHAT? W-what did you just call me?" He stared at the other seishi in
surprise. Chichiri just gave him a faint smile.

"You're the one who called me 'Chiri-chan' no da!'

Tasuki's face turned the same shade as his hair.

"Ano. Well, er." Unable to think of how to respond, Tasuki sat up and, much
to Chichiri's understandable surprise, he pinned the monk's wrists to the
deck and leaned down until their faces were only centimeters apart.

"T-Tasuki? What are you- mmph!' His eye widened in shock as the bandit's
mouth engulfed his. Turning his head to the side to break the kiss, he
exclaimed, "Tasuki! What. what. why?" His heart raced at the feeling of
Tasuki's hot breath on his neck, memories of the kiss flashing through his
thoughts. It had felt so good, having Tasuki kiss him, but he didn't
understand it. "Why.?"

Tasuki blinked as realization of what had just occurred hit him. He quickly
released Chichiri's wrists and sat straight up.

"Oh gods. I'm sorry, Chichiri, I didn't mean to. I-" His words were abruptly
cut off as the monk briefly pressed his lips against his.

"Shh, Tasuki, don't feel so bad about it no da. I just want to know why no

"I-I- shit, Chichiri, I don't know how to say this, but. I love you,
Chiri-chan, as more then just a friend. I love you so much, and even if you
turn me away I can never stop loving you."

"Tasuki. I-I. I don't really know how I feel right now, but I. I might be
able to try to love you no da."

Tasuki stared at him. "Are you sure about that, Chichiri?"

"I." Chichiri's eye locked onto Tasuki's, his heart pounding. Maybe. maybe
he did love Tasuki. There was something about the fiery bandit, something
that drew Chichiri towards him. "Hai, I'm sure about it no da. I care about
you a lot, Tasuki-chan, and I think I may find it in my heart to fall in
love with you."

Tasuki nodded, wrapping his arms around Chichiri's waist and drawing his
warm body closer to him. Slowly, looking for any signs of hesitation from
the monk, he moved his head towards him. Seeing no signs that Chichiri was
having second thoughts, Tasuki pressed his lips to his, hunger and passion
driving away any doubts he'd had. Chichiri moaned and wrapped his arms
around the bandit, returning the kiss deeply. Feeling Tasuki's tongue
pushing at his lips, he opened his mouth to allow him passage.

Instantly, Tasuki's tongue delved into Chichiri's mouth, exploring the hot
and wet cavern within. Chichiri tentatively reached his own tongue out to
meet it, gasping slightly at the sensations this caused. Soon their tongues
were intertwined, each seeking dominance in a never-ending battle.

Eventually they came up for air, gasping. Tasuki moved his hands from
Chichiri's waist, undoing his kesa and laying it on the ground beside them.
Before moving farther he took a moment to admire the monk's body without the
concealing folds of his heavy kesa. Without it, his relatively tight shirt
did nothing to hide the firm muscles of his chest, and Tasuki felt himself
getting more aroused as his eyes traced the lines of the other seishi's
well-built body.

Without further hesitation, Tasuki untied the cloth holding Chichiri's shirt
closed and dropped it to the floor, his shirt following soon after. He lay
him down on the kesa and lowered his own body on top, lips meeting the soft
skin of the monk's neck. Chichiri gasped as the younger man bit into his
neck with his fangs, accidentally drawing blood that he quickly licked up in

"Tasuki." Chichiri groaned as the bandit continued to alternatively lick and
suck at his neck, slowly moving down over his collarbone and towards his
chest. Tasuki raised his head to briefly meet Chichiri's eye.

"You like this? Trust me, I haven't even begun on you yet." As if to prove
this statement, Tasuki lowered his head to Chichiri chest and licked at his
right nipple.

"Oh gods. more, Tasuki-chan, please, more no da." He moaned, arching his
back up in an attempt to feel more of Tasuki's hot tongue. After a few more
teasing licks on and around the nipple, the other seishi complied, taking it
into his mouth and sucking hungrily on it. Chichiri moaned again, his head
crashing back against the deck as he cried the bandit's name. Tasuki licked
his way across his chest to give the same treatment to his other nipple,
then he moved his head up to kiss him on the lips.

"Do you like this, Chiri-chan? Do you want more?" Unable to speak coherently
Chichiri just nodded, his hands shakily reaching up to pull Tasuki's jacket
off. Tasuki smiled and assisted him, depositing his jacket on the deck
nearby. Sitting up, he pulled off his shirt, boots, and tessen holder,
laying them next to the jacket. His hands moved to the string holding
Chichiri's pants together, teasingly playing with it for a while before
deftly untying it. Gently stroking Chichiri's rapidly hardening erection
through his pants, Tasuki leaned over and whispered in the monk's ear.

"Just you wait, Chiri-chan. I'm going to give you the ultimate experience,
one that you'll never be able to forget. I love you Chichiri, remember that.
Wo ai ni. itsumo." In one fluid motion Tasuki grabbed the top of Chichiri's
forest-green pants and jerked them off. "Aishiteru."

Tasuki allowed his hand to trail down the other man's broad chest, pausing
on the way down to play with his nipples until they were standing erect.
Lowering his head to suck on them, his hand continued its torturingly slow
downward descent.

Chichiri let out a loud moan as Tasuki's hand lingered just above the base
of his now-throbbing member. He clenched his kesa as sweat rolled down his
forehead to plaster blue bangs to his forehead.

"Tasuki-chan. Onegai! I need it," he gasped, "I need it now no da!"

Deciding not to be too mean to the monk on his first time, Tasuki relented,
wrapping his hand around Chichiri's erection and pumping it hard. Chichiri
cried out his name and thrust his hips up into Tasuki's hand, desperately
wanting and needing more of the incredibly feeling. It wasn't long before he
felt his body tighten and explode, his seed spurting out into Tasuki's
waiting hand. Gasping he fell back against the deck to regain his breath.
Once he was able to think somewhat clearly again, he opened his eye and
dazedly watched as his lover collected his seed up.

"Wha-what are you doing no da.?" Chichiri asked, curious.

"I don't have anything else, so I'm improvising." Tasuki's grin widened.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

"Ahh. That no da," Chichiri's eye widened in understanding. "I trust you,
Tasuki-chan no da. I want all of this, I want to be one. with you no da."

That was all the encouragement the bandit needed. Pulling off his pants, he
straddled the monk who instinctively wrapped his legs around Tasuki's waist.
Gently, with the aid of Chichiri's seed as a lubricant, Tasuki began to push
one finger into the other seishi's entrance, widening it so he wouldn't hurt
him too much.

Once he was able to fit three of his fingers into Chichiri, Tasuki pulled
them out and quickly lubricated his own shaft. Positioning himself at
Chichiri's entrance, he glanced up at the older man's face for confirmation.
The monk just smiled in anticipation, his single eye full of want.

Tasuki slowly moved himself into Chichiri, trying his best not to hurt him
much. Chichiri winced as pain shot through his body, despite the bandit's
best efforts. It wasn't long before pleasure replaced the pain as Tasuki
finally settled completely within him. Pulling out, he thrust back into him
again and again, building up momentum with each thrust. Chichiri's mind was
lost in a haze of utter ecstasy, waves of pleasure pouring over him as they
unconsciously established a rhythm.

Soon they were moving in time with each other, Chichiri's hips rising to
meet Tasuki with each thrust. When Tasuki hit a sensitive spot deep within
him he lost it, screaming the bandit's name as he let loose an explosion
from the very core of his being. Muscle spasms shuddered through Chichiri's
tight channel as he orgasmed, sending Tasuki over the edge. With one final
thrust he came, his seed spilling out into Chichiri's body and his mind
flying high into the clouds.

Slowly they fell back to earth, arms securely around each other. Tasuki
pulled out of his lover's body and wrapped the kesa around them. They lay
quietly together for a while until Chichiri finally spoke up.


"Hmm?" Tasuki opened one sleepy eye to look at him.

"I-I love you, Tasuki-chan no da."

This woke Tasuki up immediately. "H-hontou?"

"Hai. I truly do love no da. I know that now, although I think I've loved
you since I first met you no da. Wo ai ni."

"Chiri.. I." Unable to speak through his joy, he leaned down and kissed him.
"Oyasumi nasai, Chiri-chan. Aishiteru."


Mako-chan:IT'S FINALLY FINISHED NO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went through hell
writing this.

Chichiri: (cheerfully) Well, I didn't mind it much no da!

Tasuki: (wraps his arm around him) My thoughts exactly, Chiri-chan.
Actually, I wouldn't mind another one. (sexy smile)

(Mako-chan sweatdrops)

Mako-chan: Ano. calm down you guys. Although I wouldn't mind seeing that
either.  (hentai grin)

Chichiri: Daa.