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~Gonna make you feel those things no one's made you feel before gonna give the kind of love that keeps you coming back for more gonna take your every wish and make every wish come true I'll be the one who'll be good to you I'll be the answer to your every dream and when you're not with me you'll wish that you could be....~

By: Son by Four ***


"Awww... Chichiri! I don't wanna go on anymore! Can't we stop here fer tonight?"

The blue haired monk looked back at his companion, the red haired bandit leader, and sweatdropped, sighing.

"Tasuki, if you had been walking and keeping up with me we would be in town by now, no da."

Tasuki looked up at the darkening sky with a wry smile, his fangs poking out. When he spoke, his voice was a low, husky, seductive whisper.

"We c'n camp out here fer an' me... alone.... under the moonlight....we could make love .... what do ya say Chiri?"

Chichiri felt a shiver run down his spine at hearing Tasuki's voice and the thought of spending a night in his lover's arms. It was extremely tempting but he had to decline.

"T-tasuki...anou...w-we're nearly at the town... just a mile or two so we can reach it da...."

The monk stopped talking when he saw his lover approaching him with a hot smirk on his face. Chichiri knew that no amount of arguing could change Tasuki's mind now. The red head could be extremely stubborn sometimes. However, in this case, the spellcaster could not really protest. Grabbing Chichiri's mask, Tasuki ripped it off with one clean yank, leaving the blue haired man's true face bared in the soft light of the moon. Reaching up a hand, the brigand gently traced Chichiri's scar, leaning down to brush his lips against his beloved monk's. Without losing their liplock, Tasuki lead his lover off the road, heading to the soft grass near the trees where the moon's light hit directly, bathing the spot in it's ethereal glow. Breaking the gentle kiss, Tasuki unclasped Chichiri's kesa, spreading it on the ground to make a comfortable place for them to lay on. Golden eyes locking with a crimson one, they both sank to their knees, lips pressing together again. With a soft moan, Tasuki pushed Chichiri onto his back, his fingers finding the ties of the monk's shirt.

"Oh Tasuki... I... I love you...."

"I love ya too Chiri..."

The bandit lowered his mouth to Chichiri's neck, licking and nipping at the pulse that was already beating erratically through the skin. The monk squirmed under him, trying to keep himself in control. Tasuki wanted a hot night and Chichiri was going to give it to him... but not how the bandit imagined. Taking a deep breath, Chichiri took a hold of Tasuki's shoulders and roughly pushed him over onto his back. The redhead gasped and looked up at him with wide eyes. Smirking, the blue haired man leaned down and nibbled on Tasuki's earlobe.

"C-chiri.... whadaya doin'?!"

"I'm making love to you Tasuki, isn't that what you wanted?"

"I.. uh.... I....oh Chiri, right there...ohhh...."

"I'll take that as a yes."

Tasuki only threw his head back and moaned as Chichiri's fingers found his taunt nipples. With one hand, the mage continued to pleasure his lover and with the other he took off both of their shirts. Leaning down again he pressed his bare chest against Tasuki's, reveling in the feeling of his lover's damp, smooth skin rubbing against his body. He kissed the brigand again, this time tangling his tongue with it's mate in Tasuki's mouth. The red head returned the passionate kiss with as much fervor as he could muster, almost making Chichiri back down. However, the monk regained his composure and showed Tasuki just how dominating he could be. Placing his hands on the bandit's hips, he gently rubbed the skin through his pants material. Tasuki bucked under him, trying to get Chichiri to touch him where he wanted. The monk was having none of that, he pressed Tasuki's hips down, getting a keening whine as response. Bending down again, he captured one of the brigand's nipples in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the hardened nub as he began to slowly untie Tasuki's pants. Succeeding, Chichiri hooked his fingers in the waistband and yanked down, causing Tasuki to give out a startled yelp. The red eyed man smirked, showing possessiveness in his look.

Tasuki panted, watching Chichiri with wide, golden eyes, not sure what to make of the situation. He knew that Chichiri wanted to be seme but Tasuki just wasn't used to being uke, this was the first time. He felt like an amateur, making love to Chichiri for the first time, unsure and awkward. Tasuki sighed and gave up himself, not letting his inhibitions take over. He only wanted Chichiri's happiness, even if it meant to give up his true virginity to the monk. Especially if it meant that. He remembered that Chichiri had done the same thing for him when they first made love, he gave up his innocence to Tasuki, letting the bandit claim him. It was only right and fair that Tasuki should do the same. Reaching up a hand, the bandit gently grabbed the back of the spellcaster's head, pulling him down for a soft kiss. When they parted, Tasuki looked deep into the ruby pool that was Chichiri's eye.

"Take me Chichiri.... I wanna to be yer's..... itsumo, zutto....hontou..."

The monk's eye filled with tears and when he spoke his voice was soft and husky.

"You really mean that, don't you Tasuki? Then gladly I will claim you. I promise to not hurt you, koibito."

Tasuki sighed and smiled, closing his eyes and relaxing his body. Still half clothed, Chichiri was kneeling between the bandit's tanned legs, his hands on either side of Tasuki's thin waist. His eye roamed over hard planes and valleys that made up Tasuki's chest and abdomen, watching the shafts of pale moonlight that danced over the built frame, down to his erection, throbbing in the intense need that the bandit felt. Reaching forward with a slender, shaking hand, Chichiri traced the muscles of his lover's chest, enjoying the soft groan that issued from the brigand's mouth. Chichiri then sat back, pulling impatiently at the ties of his pants. Finally managing to get them off, he threw the material to the side, letting it join all their other shed clothing. Leaning to the side he reached into Tasuki's pants, groping for something he knew was there. His face lit up when he found it, pulling out the vial of scented massage oil that he and his lover always used. Pouring a liberal amount onto his palm to warm it, he probed forward with a dry finger to find the red head's opening. Finding it, he coated three digits in the oil, then he touched Tasuki's entrance gently, rubbing around the hole. The bandit bucked his hips forward, his eyes snapping open. Now he very nervous.

"Do you want to stop Tasuki? We can if you aren't sure."

"N-no... it's a'right. I shouldn't be such a coward. It feels good, ne?"

Chichiri smiled and nodded.

"Hai, it does. I love it when you take me. However, I believe it's time for a bit of change. Now, keep quiet and stop distracting me! I have work to do here!"

Tasuki chuckled and closed his eyes again, relaxing as best he could with Chichiri inserting a finger into his virgin opening. Holding back a gasp of pain, he parted his legs farther, giving Chichiri better access. The monk gently pushed the digit further into Tasuki, pulling out and pushing back in with two fingers. He repeated this process until all three fingers fit inside of Tasuki comfortably. Pulling them out, he covered his erection with more of the oil, positioning himself at Tasuki's entrance. Probing forward, the head of Chichiri's member got past the resisting ring, wrenching a whimper of pain from Tasuki. The monk stopped, concerned for his beloved bandit. Wrapping his legs around Chichiri's waist, Tasuki pulled him in deeper, regardless of the pain it caused.

"T-tasuki! I'm hurting you, we should stop!"

Tasuki shook his head feverently, panting and sweating. The bandit pulled Chichiri's head down with a trembling hand and gave him a passionate kiss, rocking his hips to get the monk further inside of himself. When they parted Tasuki wiped away the tears that were streaming down his own cheeks, putting on a brave smile and softly begging for Chichiri to continue.

"Onegai... Chichiri... I want this... I need this....onegai... claim me, make me yers...."

The monk sighed and gave Tasuki what he wanted. Pulling out slightly, Chichiri plunged back in as soon as the brigand felt the loss. Tasuki let out a breathless gasp, starting to really enjoy what was being done to him. Pushing his hips upwards he cried out when he felt something inside him be brushed by Chichiri's cock. The blue haired man groaned and thrust faster, holding on to the bandit's hips to steady himself. Tasuki let out different sounds of pleasure with every thrust, getting closer and closer to orgasm. Chichiri leaned down and latched his mouth onto Tasuki's nipple again, sucking feverishly. The brigand threw his head back and let out a loud moan, arching his back. The spellcaster reached a hand down and wrapped it around the red head's cock, stroking it in time with his hips.

"Ch...Chichiri!! Oh by Suzaku......uh....ah!"

The brigand began to feel pleasure overwhelming him, taking him to the brink of climax. With one final, powerful thrust from Chichiri, they both felt sweet orgasm over take them with loud cries of ecstasy, bringing with it hot pleasure. Tasuki gave one last, breathless moan as Chichiri came inside him, branding the bandit as his own for eternity. The monk fell on top of his lover, spent to exhaustion. Tasuki rubbed his hands up and down Chichiri's back, sighing as he did so. The blue haired man looked up at him in concern.

"Did I hurt you Tasuki? If I did I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to you know...."

Tasuki laughed, hugging Chichiri closer to him.

"No way.... ya didn't hurt me... gods I loved that. We should do that again, and soon."

Chichiri grinned and hugged Tasuki.

"Under the moonlight?"

"Hai, under the moonlight."




Well! It took me about three days but I finished it, no da!! Heh, I did my best at a lemon, I'm sorry if I disappoint you, na no da. Ah, I do plan on writing more on 'To trust and Protect' and 'Irony of Desire', in fact, I'm already close to finishing the next 'to trust and protect' chapter, no da! Well, see ya all later in the next fic, na no da!! By the way.... I felt like making Chichiri seme for once, the poor man's almost always bottom, no da.