Well, sorry about the long delay, I meant to get this out sooner but it was erased off of my computer. -_-; I hate my comp, no da. Anyway, as usual, Fushigi Yuugi doesn't belong to me, nor does the song I'm using at the beginning which is called 'Setsunakute mo zutto' by the great, incredible, sexy-voiced Nobutoshi Hayashi (Canna). Have fun, na no da!!


~Sinking as if it's burning

even the settling sun is alone

Even the Earth, even the oceans

are things I can't embrace

Deep in the bottom of my heart

lying asleep there

Suddenly striking me as a red colored

painful passion

Every time I see your tears

they become unbearable

From behind, with all of my strength

I will embrace you

This love that breaks my limit

no kind of words are enough

Even I feel a certain caring

that can never be voiced~

Chapter three: Homecoming...




Kouji couldn't believe his ears. Hikou really loved him? The tears he had been holding back finally fell in long streams down his tanned cheeks. Wrapping his lean arms around the dark haired man, the green eyed boy held him, whispering long suppressed words of love and affection. Hikou ran his hand through Kouji's soft blue hair, murmuring answers, his own pale cheeks streaked with tears.




At the other side of the police station, Houjun and Genrou were oblivious to Hikou and Kouji's tearful bonding. Instead they were caught up in their own bonding session. From a few desks away several female officers watched with interest at the two young men. Two of them were the women from earlier, Mysia and Hitari. Now they were with plenty of friends talking about the pending relationships of their fellow male officers. Hitari was the first to speak up.

"I think that Kouji and Hikou are going to be going out soon. These two seem to be on that road too."

Kichara nodded her agreement.

"I bet everyone here twenty bucks that those guys will all get together eventually."

Mysia and Tifa snorted at the same time. Tifa spoke.

"Are you kidding? Of course they will! The only shame about those guys being gay is that we can't date 'em."

The other girls laughed and agreed. Boshi sighed.

"Yeah, it's too bad.... but oh well! It's so cute!"

Sakura, Zen, Ang and Mi-chan all nodded and grinned. Ang spoke up.

"Well, we all know that they'll get together, but we just don't know when. I bet it'll be a few days for Kouji and Hikou and maybe a month at most for Genrou and that guy Houjun. What do you all say?"

The others laughed and put in their bets. Yuuki began writing down the information and amounts on a piece of paper when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she stuttered when she saw who was standing there.

"C-c-captain Gaston! Er, uh...we...uh...we weren't betting! I swear ma'm!"

The other women groaned.

"Smooth move Yuuki."


Yuuki blushed but managed to glare at the people who interjected the last few comments. Gaston looked over the group and frowned at first before grinning.

"I bet it takes two weeks for Houjun and Genrou and one for Kouji and Hikou!"

The female officers all gave her dumbfounded looks before sighing in relief and penciling in Gaston's bet while laughing.




Genrou gave a soft sigh of relief when he heard Houjun speak for the first time in his presence. //So, he trusts me eh? That is *very* good. Well, I hope I c'n build up on that. I suppose now is the time to bring 'im home with me..... geez, it sounds like I'm taking home a puppy or something like that...// Looking up at the brown haired man his heart nearly melted. Houjun had returned his attention to the water globe, looking at it as if he was a young child. The look in his bright red eyes had turned from defensive to innocent curiosity. Picking up the delicate object, the brown haired man cradled it in his hands, shaking it gently to get the snow inside to move. His face split into a grin, showing his amusement. // Wow... he's so... cute and innocent... even after all the hell he's been though. He's amazin'.// Then thinking on his earlier comment about puppies, // Hell, he does look kinda like a puppy in th' way he acts...// Reaching forward and plucking the globe gently out of Houjun's hands, Genrou smiled and pointed to the door.

"I think ya should check out my place, ya know.... I have one a these at home too if ya wanna play with that one. Besides, I gotta find ya a place ta sleep an' stuff like that. Get yer stuff an' we c'n leave now."

Houjun blinked for a moment before blushing and looking down.

"I...I don't have anything.... except what I'm wearing right now..."

Genrou felt pity fill him, along with anger at Nakago. //How could that bastard treat Houjun like this? Gods, if I ever see that guy I'll kill him myself...// The red head felt surprised by the strength of his anger at Nakago and protectiveness of Houjun. Once again he felt his gaze fall on the brown haired man in front of him and he could have sworn that he knew Houjun from someplace, a long time ago, but he just couldn't place when and where. Placing the water globe that was still in his hand on the desk, Genrou picked up his coat and waved for Houjun to follow him.

"That doesn't matter. Come on!"

Flashing a wide grin at the red eyed man, Genrou grabbed his hand and pulled him gently towards the doorway, making Houjun smile slightly. //Maybe Genrou isn't so bad after all...//




Genrou took his keys out of his pocket as he and Houjun stood outside of his apartment. Opening the door, the red headed cop looked at the floor in front of the doorway cautiously, in case he had forgotten to pick up something on the floor and cause injury to himself or Houjun. Finding the ground safe to walk on, Genrou entered, ushering Houjun into the apartment they would be sharing. The red eyed man looked around, curious and still a bit on the defensive just in case. Genrou took no notice as he strode over to his answering machine, wondering if anyone had called. Pushing a button, he heard Kouji's cheerful voice flow into the room from the speaker.

"Hey Genrou! It looks like ya haven't made it home yet. Once ya do, give me a call, I got some serious stuff to tell ya. Bye!"

Genrou snorted.

"Heh, looks like he's happy about somethin'. He prolly got laid by Hikou."

As Genrou laughed, Houjun blushed from the open way Genrou spoke about the subject. When the red head did notice, he quickly stopped laughing and turned away to hide his own blush, unsure of why his face was red in the first place. Fumbling with a few papers that were next to his phone he pulled out a few delivery menus.

"So, ah, what do ya wanna eat? Pizza, Spanish, Chinese, or Italian?"

Houjun shrugged.

"Whatever you like. It's your place."

Genrou shook his head, his naturally elongated fangs poking out cutely at the sides of his mouth as he frowned playfully.

"Nah! Yer the guest! Ya get ta choose!"

The brown haired man felt his face grow warm and wondered if it was the same color as his eyes. Reaching forward with a slender, graceful hand, Houjun pulled out one of the menus slightly to indicate his choice. Genrou rose a fine eyebrow.

"Spanish eh? Alright, if that's what ya want. I recommend the ... um... ah... hold on a sec... "

The red head squinted at the Spanish writing on the menu.

"Ah.. 'pedasos de puerco frito' (1) ha! I c'n read Spanish! Anyway, I really like that stuff. It tastes real good."

Houjun giggled at Genrou's attempt at Spanish and nodded. He knew what the cop was talking about, he understood the language enough to know what was on the paper Genrou was holding. Sighing, the red head picked up the phone and ordered their food. Houjun listened silently to Genrou's side of the conversation.

"Hello? Yeah, I'd like to order two helpings of.. um... what was it again? Oh yeah, 'pedasos de puerco frito'. With white rice.... um... and ... what are those again? Oh yeah, 'tostones' (2)"

The man on the other side of the phone smiled. Genrou had dialed the wrong number.

"Are you calling from a payphone... sir?"

"Eh... no, I'm not calling from a payphone, I'm at my apartment. Why do ya ask?"

"Oh, good... is anyone listening to this conversation?"

Genrou was starting to get confused and suspicious.

"No, I don't think anyone's listening..."

The man on the other side of the phone had a feral gleam in his eyes as he spoke.

"You have an incredibly sexy voice.... do you know what I want to hear you say with that voice of yours? I want to hear you scream my name as I-"



Houjun jumped slightly when Genrou slammed the receiver down, turning as red, or redder, than his hair. Blinking his wide eyes, whose color matched Genrou's face, Houjun cocked his head to the side cutely.

"Are you okay Genrou?"

The cop ground his teeth together.

"Some pervert said that I have a sexy voice and that he wants to hear me say.... certain things to him .... that BASTARD!!! If I ever find out who that is I'm gonna send him ta jail fer as long as I FUCKIN' CAN!!"

Houjun found it hard to hold back his laughter. When his shoulders stopped shaking from the effort, and when he was sure he'd be able to speak without bursting into a giggling fit, Houjun placed a hand on the cop's shoulder.

"Oh forget about it Genrou, you probably won't hear from him again."

"That's easy fer YOU ta say. I guess ya'll have ta choke down what I c'n cook, which ain't good. I'm warnin' ya."

Houjun's smile could have melted even Saddam Hussein's heart.

"I'm sure you can cook just fine. However, if you feel you can't, then I might be able to make something edible."

Genrou nodded.

"That sounds good. The kitchen is at yer command. Do whatever ya like."

The red head guided Houjun to the kitchen, calming down a bit from his fiasco with the phone. Pointing out things to the red eyed man that he might need, Genrou headed to his bedroom.

"While yer cookin', I'll get the room ready. Ya c'n sleep my my bed until I get a cot or somethin'."

Houjun rose an elegant eyebrow.

"And where will you sleep?"

"On the couch a course."

The brown haired man shook his head. He didn't think it to be fair to kick Genrou out of his own bed in his own apartment.

"No Genrou, I'll sleep on the couch, you sleep on your bed. It's your place."

Genrou shook his own head back, his fangs poking out of the corners of his mouth in a frown.

"Uh uh. No way. Yer the the guest, yer sleepin' on the bed. No arguments, discussion over."

Houjun blushed as Genrou turned around and entered the bedroom, cursing as he tripped over something. The crimson eyed man had never been treated like this before. Fingering the scar below his eye, Houjun turned to the task at hand. In return for such good hospitality, Houjun would do his best at making his greatest meal ever. Turning in a complete circle, Houjun brought a hand to his chin in the classic thinking position, his wide crimson eyes blinking in innocent confusion.

"Now where did Genrou say the pots and pans were?"



(1): 'pedasos de puerco frito' = loosely translated to 'pieces of fried pork'. Very good food, I might add. ^^

(2): 'tostones' = I dunno how to translate it other than to say that it's basically pieces of plantains that have been smashed and fried. Yes... much Spanish food is fried, at least that's how it is at my house.... well.... not always, no da.