To Trust and Protect


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~I dragged myself through life

Prisoner of loneliness

Lost within myself

Loving without being loved


Only meant to cry again

Then a miracle happened

My true love appeared~


Chapter two: Can I trust you...?



Genrou was amazed by Houjun's appearance. Although the young cop would never admit to being gay, he had to admit that Houjun was... cute. Hell, he was hot as hell itself. However, the look in Houjun's eyes just screamed "Stay the hell away from me", so Genrou complied. Hikou and Kouji both tried to keep their faces as close to their normal color as possible, being so close to each other. Turning back to Houjun, Hikou leaned down, his long midnight blue ponytail falling over his shoulder and spoke in a voice that was fit to speak to a small child.

"Now Houjun, this man here is Kou Genrou. He'll be the one to take care of you. Understand? He'll protect you from Nakago."

Still, Houjun stayed silent and impassive. Hikou let out a sigh of long suffering and turned back to Kouji and Genrou. Just as Kouji was about to say something, two of their coworkers, Mysia and Hitari, walked up to them, waving two piles of papers. Mysia spoke up first.

"Hikou sir, I have a few papers I need for you to look at. Hitari has a few that you need as well."

The hyperactive Hitari waved the papers again, as if they hadn't seen them the first time. Hikou sighed again and motioned to Kouji.

"Come on Kouji, can you help me with these?"

The younger blue haired man blushed again and pointed to himself in disbelief.


"Yeah you, who else here is called Kouji?"

The other four cops present raised their hands jokingly. Hikou chuckled and turned to Genrou.

"Okay Red, talk to Houjun. I think you should take him to your place now. Try to get him to open up."

Genrou nodded and forced a smile. He had noticed how Houjun had acted when Hikou tried to get him to talk. The red head had less chances, given his short temper. However, one look at Houjun, who was currently looking intently at a water globe on Hikou's desk, melted his inhibitions and he finally decided that he would truly try his hardest to help Houjun in this crisis. The brown haired man felt he was being watched and looked up. When their eyes met and locked, they felt something strange pass between them, like they had just met but had known each other for a long time, longer then they were even alive. They stayed like this, neither noticing the strange looks they were given by the other four cops who were still talking to each other. Finally, the staring contest was put to an end when Kouji placed a hand on Genrou's shoulder, breaking him out of the trance he and Houjun had fallen into. The young cop tried to control the blush that was threatening to make his face as red as his hair.

"Yo, Genrou, I'm gonna go an' help Hikou with these cases, 'kay?"

Genrou blinked then nodded, a sly smirk swiftly spreading across his face.

"Yeah, go help HIKOU with that."

Kouji blushed fiercely and Hikou just blinked, not knowing what was going on. Forcing his face back to a more normal color, Kouji turned to Hikou and picked up the stack of papers Hitari was holding. He began to pick his way to another place in the office, closely followed by Hikou who tried to look casual but failing miserably. Giggling, the two female cops waved their goodbyes to Genrou and went to their respective desks. Left alone with the antisocial Houjun, Genrou let out a long sigh, wondering how hard his newest case would be. Pulling up a chair to sit next to the brown haired young man, he leaned forward and placed his hands on his knees, undaunted by the fact that Houjun was obviously not in the mood to talk to him.

"A'ight Houjun, we need ta talk. Now, yer gonna be livin' with me for the next long while, however long it takes ta catch Nakago. I promise not ta hurt ya, I'm here ta help ya."

Silence answered him, but Houjun was listening to him at least, not ignoring him completely. Genrou frowned a bit. //Take what you can get, // he supposed.

"Ya need ta talk ta me. I can't keep up talkin' ta myself, only Kouji c'n do that.... but then again, Kouji is strange."

Houjun giggled slightly at his comment. That's a good start. A giggle was good.

"I'm not kiddin'! Sometimes he'll just suddenly go 'Knock knock. Who's dere. Kouji. Kouji who? The only Kouji ya know, dumbass!'"

The crimson eyed man laughed outright at that, catching himself in in the middle of the laughing fit and quieted down, a happy sparkle in his eyes. //So,// Genrou thought, //I'm gettin' to him. That wasn't hard at all!// Now he decided to take a more direct approach.

"Well, now I gotta get serious, I really need ya ta talk ta me. I can't go on like this for months, or even years! I need ya ta open up ta me, don't be afraid. I'm here ta protect ya."

Houjun's expression changed from amused to slightly frightened. //I can't talk,// Houjun thought to himself, //Nakago had said... Forget Nakago! I came to the police to get him arrested! It didn't happen but it will.... now Genrou is the one to protect me... but can I trust him? Can I trust you Kou Genrou?// Houjun looked deep into Genrou's golden eyes, seeing complete innocence and true caring in those liquid depths. //Yes, I can trust you Genrou. I don't know why, but I can...//

"I... I won't be afraid... anymore. I trust you Genrou..."




Meanwhile, in the records office, Hikou and Kouji were looking for and filing papers. Every once in a while, the pair would look at each other when their nice piece of eye candy wasn't looking back. They both wanted to tell each other how they felt but they were both scared and unsure. Millions of what if's passed through their minds. What if he likes someone else? What if he isn't into guys? What if he ends up hating me? What if I make a fool out of myself? What if he just uses me? What if he's secretly with someone else? Kouji snorted, running a hand throught his navy blue hair. This would have to stop soon, and he was the one to do it. He had always been more outgoing and willing to risk something than Hikou so he decided it might as well be him to fess up. Taking a deep breath and putting the last paper in place, Kouji marched over to where Hikou was keeping himself busy to ignore the feelings flowing through his body and.....

Kissed him.

Right on the lips.

I wish I had a camera.

Pulling back, Kouji blushed a deep crimson, his face's color matching Hikou's, who just gasped and blinked. He held the older man by the shoulders and spoke to him softly.

"H-hikou... I've been meaning ta tell ya... um....I... uh... I..... I'm in love with ya!"

Hikou was too surprised and happy to answer at first. Kouji's face crumbled and his dark green eyes started to tear up, taking the dark blue haired man's silence as a sign of rejection and disgust. Letting Hikou's shoulders go, he turned around and bit his lip to keep from sobbing. Hikou nearly fell to his knees, they were shaking so badly. Reaching forward he grabbed the back of Kouji's dark colored shirt. Wrapping his arms around the younger man, Hikou buried his face in the soft, dark material of the green eyed boy's shirt. Kouji's eyes widened, //What is Hikou tryin' ta pull? Isn't he mad or somethin' like that at me?// The green eyed boy looked down at where Hikou's arms were gripping his torso firmly, yet his grasp was also shaky. When the golden eyed man spoke, his voice quivered with suppressed emotion.

"D....Do you really mean it Kouji? Do you really... do you really love me?"

"Yes.... I do Hikou. I've loved ya ever since I met ya.... I just... I never knew what ta say. I'm sorry if I scared ya... ya c'n ferget 'bout this, pretend this never happened. I understand.... "

"No! I won't forget this!"

Kouji blinked at Hikou's sudden outburst. What was up with Hikou? His surprise grew when the golden eyed man spun him around and held him close.

"Kouji... I was too much of a coward to admit... I love you... "




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