To trust and protect


Okay okay, I know I should be writing more on 'Irony of desire', no da. I'm sorry!! The idea just hit me... like a freight train, na no da. This is another reincarnation fic. Houjun (Chichiri)'s boyfriend Nakago (>.<; He's the only one that fit the description, no da!) abuses him (I'm so SORRY Chiri!!) and has a history of murder and drug dealing, no da. After a bout of abuse, Houjun finally finds the courage to turn him in, however, the bastard... ahem... I mean Nakago, evades the police after threatening Houjun that he'll be back to 'deal' with him. Enter Genrou (Tasuki) a young upstart NYPD officer with a rough childhood. Genrou accepts the job to protect Houjun and slowly finds himself falling for the quiet and mysterious young man. Da! Long description, na no da! Anyway, the song at the beginning of this chapter is called 'Seria facil' by Luis Fonsi, loosely translated to 'It'd be easy'. The song and the characters in this story don't belong to me, no da. Okay, I've ranted long enough, enjoy the fic, na no da!!


~If only with crying

my problems would be remedied

It'd be easy

If every tear could wash away

longing and sadness

It'd be easy

If only with sleeping every thing would change in one night

If at waking up, there were no reproaches

It'd be easy to live

It'd be easy

If one-sided love didn't hurt

or it's friend betrayal

It'd be easy~


Chapter one: Protect me...



"Nakago... stop... please...."

"Who the hell gave you permission to speak?"

With another blow Houjun ended up on the floor, dazed and head spinning. Looking up he saw Nakago standing over him, a small razor in hand and a nasty smile on his face. The brown haired man began to tremble, tears starting to fall down his flushed and bruised cheeks. He knew Nakago didn't love him back, however, he just couldn't leave him, even after every pain he had and would surely go through. Nakago was on the wanted lists and the police were constantly after him but Houjun just couldn't bring up the courage to turn him in, he was just too terrified of what Nakago would do to him. Not to mention he loved him too much. But things had to change and he knew it. As the blond man came closer, his smile growing eviler, Houjun finally decided that enough was enough. When he was able, he would get the police. However, until then...

"Please.... don't....."

"Take off your clothes bitch."

All Houjun could do was whimper as he did what he was told.




Kou Genrou, officer of the New York Police Department, was walking through the office, leafing through some papers and getting a cup of coffee. He ran a hand through his longish red hair, blinking his golden, almond shaped eyes as he waited for the cup to fill from the automatic machine. He tapped a long, slender finger on the counter, his usual clothing of jeans and a t-shirt outlining his perfect muscles and showing off his lightly tanned skin perfectly. Taking the filled cup he took a sip, his face contorting into an expression of disgust.

"Decaf again? Damnit! When are they gonna get REAL coffee 'round here?!"

Shaking his head and throwing the cup away he headed to his desk. Along the way the red haired young man felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder.

"ACK!! Wha- oh, it's just you Kouji."

"Oh thanks fer the pleasant greetin' buddy."

Grinning, Genrou pushed Kouji's hand off of his shoulder. Kouji had navy blue hair the same length as Genrou's, emerald colored eyes, and dark tanned skin. Flashing his fangs and the papers in his hand Genrou winked.

"Work does that ta ya."

"Yeah yeah, I know. Speakin' o' work, ya got a new case."

Genrou rose an eyebrow.

"Oh? An' when did I volunteer fer this?"

"Oh shut up and take the case."

"Alright alright, fine. I will. What's the job?"

The blue haired cop handed Genrou a packet of papers he was holding.

"An abuse case. Ya know 'bout Nakago right?"

"Yeah, he's only one o' the worse murderers and drug dealers in New York. Sure I know 'bout him."

"Well, ya should know he has... or rather, had, a boyfriend, 27 years old, by the name a Houjun."

"I think I heard somethin' 'bout it. What'd ya mean 'had'? Did he kill him?"

"No, just really messed him up. Take a look at these pics."

Flipping a few of the papers Genrou was going through, Kouji took out a small stack full of pictures. In each one was a young man with long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, his body severly brusied, cut, and even burned in places. The red haired cop was appalled.

"Geez. He did THIS?"

"Yep.He's been hit, cut, burned, scratched, whipped, raped, an' jus' about everythin' ya c'n imagine."

"Man, what a sadistic bastard."

"That just about describes him."

"So what am I supposed ta do?"

"Ya now are Houjun's personal bodyguard."


Nearly everyone in the office stopped what they were doing and stared at Genrou who laughed nervously before scowling.

"Kouji I can't take care o' this guy! Nakago could kill me!"

"Ya knew the risks when ya took the job o' bein' a cop."

"I took this job ta protect people. Ya know perfectly well why."

"I know, it has ta do with yer past. But hey, ya want ta protect people, now ya c'n protect Houjun. That's what ya wanted ta do as a cop an' now ya c'n do it."

The younger red haired man opened his mouth to protest but closed it soon after he figured out he couldn't win this argument.

"Damnit Kouji, fine, I'll do it. Where is this Houjun guy?"

"He's talking ta Hikou right now."

"Like ya wish ya were?"

Kouji blushed a deep crimson. Nearly everyone in the police station, except Hikou himself, knew that Kouji was in love with the older officer. Ever since Kouji and Genrou had entered the ranks, the blue haired young man had fallen for him, almost to the brink of obsession. However, Kouji was just too afraid to say anything to Hikou. Genrou always teased him for being a coward in the subject of love.

"Shut the hell up Genrou!!"

"Alright alright. Let's jus' go an' check out my charge."

"This ain't babysittin' Genrou."

"Thankfully. I fuckin' hate kids."

"An' women?"

"An' women."




Hikou sighed and ran a hand through his long, midnight blue hair, wearily blinking his golden eyes. As long as his hair was, the man who was sitting in front of him had longer hair, almost reaching his waist. His eyes were an intense scarlet color and his hair a shining chocolate hue. His skin was a fair and pale tint under the bruises littered over his slender body and child like face. Over his left cheek, he had a long scar, going from the side of his perfect nose almost to his ear, just under his eye. Quite frankly, he was beautiful and Hikou noticed it. However, Hikou only had eyes for Kouji, though he would never admit it. Leaning forward on his perch on top of his desk he tried again to get Houjun to talk.

"Okay Houjun, tell me, where are you from?"

Houjun stayed silent, his face solemn. Hikou was starting to get annoyed, a vein in his temple starting to throb. Luckily, to his rescue came Genrou and Kouji, the pair talking softly until Kouji pointed to Houjun, whispering something to Genrou. When the red haired young man looked up his breath left his body and his eyes widened. Genrou could see why Nakago had chosen Houjun for himself. The man was incredible, every inch of his lithe body in perfect proportion, his thin clothing outlining firm muscles. His eyes were large, curious yet defensive. From what Genrou had read and seen he couldn't blame him for being on guard.

Sliding off his seat on the desk Hikou sighed in relief.

"Ah Genrou, good that you're here. This is Houjun, like I'm sure Kouji already told you."

Kouji blushed slightly and Genrou only nodded.



Hmm.... for some reason I always write Genrou as speechless when he meets Houjun for the first time, no da. I dunno why though. Oh well, na no da. Oh! I'm SSSOOO SORRY FOR WHAT I MADE HOUJUN GO THROUGH!!! I'M SORRY!! Da, now that that's out, I feel a bit better, no da.... but not by much..... *sniffle sniffle*.... Da....