Note: This story takes place about three months after Lost Memories. None of these characters are my original creation. This FY fan fic does not follow the known FY storyline. The language is PG.


Part 1.

By: A.J. Matthews


Tasuki had woken up early that morning. He was standing on the balcony with the door open, in his pants, when he heard it.

"No. Leave me alone." Chichiri moaned in his sleep. He started thrashing about in the bed.

Tasuki walked back into the room and over to the bed. He sat down next to Chichiri and placed his arms around him. His heart ached whenever he saw Chichiri like this.

"It's ok, Chichiri. I'm right here," he whispered softly.

Chichiri relaxed after that, leaning against Tasuki's chest. He opened his tear-stained eyes and looked up at Tasuki.

Tasuki smiled down at him, but his mind was far away.

It had been three months since Nakago had kidnapped Chichiri and almost... He refused to complete the thought. Chichiri had had nightmares ever since. Tasuki wished he could've been there sooner and saved his 'lover' from Nakago.

Tasuki and Chichiri hadn't done anything yet. They literally slept in the same bed and kissed, but nothing else. Tasuki knew in his heart that Chichiri wasn't ready. So he'd vowed to put as patient as he could. It hadn't helped matters that Chichiri's apartment building had been burned down that night.

"I'm sorry, no da, Tasuki." Chichiri's innocent eyes met Tasuki's brown ones.

Tasuki shook a finger at him. "It's not your fault, Chichiri. Everyone has nightmares."

That much was true. Tasuki's nightmare was almost the same as Chichiri's. He'd been in a weird place with him, fighting Nakago, who always managed to take Chichiri away. But Tasuki had hidden it from Chichiri, who had already suffered so much. He really was frail and gentle. Chichiri was so much shorter than his age. One of Tasuki's t-shirts hung down to Chichiri's knees. Of course, Tasuki didn't have to buy the bigger shirt sizes. He had just the right build to wear any shirt he wanted. But Chichiri looked damn cute in his shirts, Tasuki thought to himself.

Tasuki carried Chichiri over to the fire-place inside his apartment when his deep, slow breathing told Tasuki that Chichiri had fallen asleep again. Some things never changed, Tasuki thought. He laid Chichiri on the soft rug in front of the fire, and lay down next to him. He had his arms around Chichiri, who looked like an angel when he slept.

The doorbell chimed.

Chichiri was startled awake. "Who is it, no da?" he asked quietly. It had taken the entire three months to convince Chichiri that if someone rang a doorbell, that meant they were a friend.

"I bet it's Hotohori," Tasuki said, grinning, "..coming to make sure I haven't burned in holes in the walls."

Hotohori had gotten this apartment for the two of them to share. Nakago knew where Tasuki's original apartment had been, after all, so precautions had been in order. There was no doubt in Tasuki's mind that Nakago had not given up on Chichiri yet. Tasuki wouldn't have given up that easily himself.

He stood and walked over to the door. After peeking out the peek hole, he unlocked it and opened the door.

Hotohori walked in, along with Nuriko and Chiriko.

"Sorry to bother you both, Tasuki, but I think you've forgotten something." Hotohori looked at Tasuki earnestly.

Tasuki sat down on the couch, and looked back with his eyebrows raised. "Me? Forget anything?" He joked.

Chichiri walked over to Tasuki and snuggled next to him on the couch. Tasuki placed an arm around him, after smiling at him reassuringly.

"Tasuki, the band has a gig later tonight," Nuriko clarified in his soft voice.

"Yeah." Tasuki looked at them. "What's the problem?"

"I can't stay out that late," Chiriko said, sighing. "My parents won't let me."

"And Hotohori might not be able to make it.," Nuriko said.

"Guess it'll just be you and me, then. Tamahome can sing backup." Tasuki smiled at Chichiri and winked to show that he was joking. "Want to come see us sing?"

Chichiri nodded in his sleep, his head resting on Tasuki's shoulder. With a start, Tasuki realized that Chichiri was asleep again.

He looked at Nuriko and the others. They could see his bloodshot eyes and sighed softly.

"Another nightmare?" Hotohori asked sympathetically.

"Yes. Always the same one, too," Tasuki said in a grim tone.

"Don't worry. This is one of the safest apartment buildings around," Nuriko said. "Plus, I'm right downstairs if you need anything."

Tasuki looked at the sleeping Chichiri. He said quietly, "Chichiri still won't talk about that night. Until he does, he's never going to recover completely."

Nuriko looked at Chichiri sadly. "Poor kid. He's had nightmares for months now."

Tasuki nodded. "He's finally begun to relax around all of you, but he tenses up at school a lot, especially when we're not in the same class. At least, that's what Amiboshi says." He bit his lip. "Chichiri's a much better student than me. We only have three classes together."

"We just need to make sure he's never alone," Hotohori stated. "Maybe we can get Chiriko in some of his classes, and the rest of us can pair up with him in the classes he's in."

Chiriko nodded thoughtfully. "At least we haven't seen any sign of Nakago or the others."

Tasuki nodded. "If he shows up again.."

"We won't let him near Chichiri," Nuriko said firmly, scowling at Chiriko.

"I was just trying to be positive," Chiriko said defensively.

"Nuriko, did you give out the invitations to everyone else yet?"

"Yes. Suboshi wants to know if he can get your autograph after the show so everyone will think he's cool." Nuriko smirked.

"Fine with me."

"Tasuki." Chichiri murmured in his sleep. "I wanna hear you sing."

Tasuki looked at Chichiri and flushed slightly. "You awake, Chichiri?"

The others grinned at him mischievously.

Chiriko peered down at Chichiri. "I'm not sure if he's awake or not, Tasuki."

A coldness settled over Tasuki as Chichiri began whimpering in his sleep again. Tasuki looked at him sharply and saw the red mark was glowing.

"No." Chichiri moaned.

Tasuki jumped to his feet. "Show yourself!" he yelled.

"What is this." Nuriko looked around as blue light began feeling the room. He put his fists up.

Hotohori's sword materialized in his hands. He stood looking for any sign of trouble.

Nakago's voice spoke to them, cold and harsh.

"Very good, Tasuki. I didn't expect you to feel my presence so soon."

"Get the hell out of here, bastard!" Tasuki glared around the room. "Where are you hiding?!?"

"Patience, patience, Tasuki. You, after all, are the one that has something that belongs to me."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Chichiri jerked and finally woke up. "TASUKI!" he cried, as blue light enveloped over him.

The same red light appeared around Chichiri that had protected him before. The blue light fought with the red, neither overpowering the other.

Tasuki ran over to Chichiri, tearing his way through the blue barrier to get through. He stood in front of Chichiri, who hugged him and pressed his face against Tasuki's warm back. "If you want him, asshole, you have to get through me first."

The red light grew brighter.

Nuriko broke through the barrier as quickly as he could, and stood in front of Tasuki. "And me!"

The red glow continued to gain power as both Hotohori and Chiriko got through the barrier- Chiriko being aided by Hotohori, for the two powers had created strong gusts of wind in the room. "Us too!" they shouted.

"Curse you all!" Nakago's powers were cut off, and his cold presence vanished.

Chichiri was laying under Tasuki, who had tackled him to the floor when a lamp had nearly struck him. The wind had shoved them all around. Tasuki had stayed there to Chichiri to keep him from getting hurt.

Chiriko panted. "That was interesting." He looked around. The room was a mess.

"Yes, no da," Chichiri's voice piped up from underneath Tasuki. He was surprised to see blood dripping on him. "Tasuki, no da, you are hurt!" Chichiri knew he wasn't hurt. He struggled out from under Tasuki, who had a gash on his forehead.

Chichiri placed his small hand over it. "Nuriko! Hotohori! Chiriko!" They saw Tasuki sitting there with blood flowing out strongly.

"I'm ok, Chichiri," Tasuki reassured him. "It's not that bad."

"Yes it is, no da. It bleeds badly." Chichiri's hand was covered in blood as he applied pressure to the gash.

"I agree, Tasuki," Hotohori said in concern. His larger hand covered Chichiri's.

They all noticed with surprise that Chichiri didn't flinch away as he usually did when another person (besides Tasuki) touched him. But they didn't say anything.

"You really should get stitches," Chiriko said. "Mitsukake won't be back for hours. He and Tamahome are going with Miaka and Yui to the library to see if they can find the book the girls keep seeing in their dreams."

Tasuki shook his head stubbornly. "I don't need."

Nuriko grabbed Tasuki's tessen quickly. "Go, or I'll 'Lekka Shien' you myself, Tasuki!"

"Fine," Tasuki grumbled.

At the Hospital

"Lekka Shien!" The blast was knocked aside by Nuriko. The doctor cringed on the floor.

Tasuki was about to do it again when he saw Chichiri watching him. Worry and concern showed in Chichiri's warm mahogany eyes. He stopped and sat there quietly.

Chichiri held Tasuki's hand as the gash was stitched up. The doctor ran out of the room quickly before he got 'Lekka Shien'ed again.

Tasuki and Chichiri had changed their clothes. Chichiri wore an old pair of Tasuki's pants held up with a drawstring, and the same shirt he'd been wearing earlier.

The clothes were very baggy on him, Tasuki noted. But Chichiri still looked adorable to Tasuki. He'd had to change all of his clothes.

Tasuki scowled at Nuriko. "Can we go now?"

"Yes." Nuriko led the way outside. It had started to snow.

Chichiri gasped in awe. "What is it, no da?"

"Snow, Chichiri. Haven't you ever seen it before?" Hotohori asked curiously.

"I've moved around a lot, no da." Chichiri tried to catch the snow. "It disappeared, no da!"

"Hell," Tasuki said. "I forgot Christmas was almost here." He looked sheepish as Chichiri looked at him with wonder on his face.

Nuriko and Hotohori smiled at seeing Chichiri having fun. He and Chiriko watched the snow fall, trying to catch it.

"My teacher told me that no two snowflakes are alike," Chiriko said.

Tasuki walked over to Chichiri, grinning. "Pretty, isn't it?"

"Yes, no da!" Chichiri started to feel kind of cold all over. At first, he thought it was the snow sticking to him.

Tasuki felt a wrench in the air around him. A dark presence was near. He looked directly at Chichiri.

Nuriko, Chiriko, and Hotohori felt it as well. They turned to look at Tasuki, who stared at Chichiri. They then looked at Chichiri as well.

Chichiri felt weird. He was walking forward, but he wasn't doing it. He couldn't even talk. A burning pain was on his forehead. He cringed.

"Tasuki, I feel weird," Chichiri said, and then fell silent.

Tasuki saw a blue mark glowing on Chichiri's forehead. Chichiri's eyes were strange. There seemed to be some kind of internal conflict going on in them.

Chichiri battled internally for control of his body. He was walking directly into the street. Then the strange presence left his mind and he regained control. He was confused and looked around.

"Chichiri!" Nuriko screamed. Chichiri turned and saw a car heading directly towards him.

Tasuki dove at Chichiri and knocked him out of the street.

Chichiri looked at Tasuki, his eyes full of fear and confusion.

"What were you doing, Chichiri?" asked Tasuki in horror.

"I do not know, Tasuki, no da. I couldn't control myself for a few moments, no da." Chichiri was shivering.

Tasuki touched Chichiri's face softly. His pale skin was cold to the touch. He exchanged a look with Nuriko and Hotohori. "Let's go home, Chichiri. You're cold," Tasuki said gently.

Chichiri nodded and they headed back to the apartment.

An hour later

Chichiri stepped into the shower, washing off the dirt and blood.

Tasuki looked at Nuriko and Hotohori. "One of them can control minds. I saw a blue mark appear on Chichiri's forehead right before he walked into the street."

"I thought Nakago was in love with Chichiri." Hotohori mused, brushing his long hair out of his eyes. "Why would he try to kill him?"

"Don't assume that it was Nakago's doing. Someone else may have been behind it," Chiriko said quietly.

Tasuki nodded slowly at looked at Nuriko. "Everyone else will be there tonight, right? I don't want him in danger."

Nuriko nodded. "We'll be on the stage, but we'll be there." He looked at Chiriko. "And your parents said you couldn't come, so no sneaking out." Chiriko looked disappointed.

Hotohori cleared his throat. "I shall come tonight as well. The safety of a friend is more important to me than a business deal."

"Everyone who is in the audience should surround Chichiri. Amiboshi and Suboshi should stick near them tonight, in case Nakago tries to get revenge. If Nakago does try anything, he won't be able to get through the red barrier that Chichiri makes, which we, apparently, can enforce." Tasuki looked at them and took a deep breath. "So, let's get on with the show. Nuriko, will you please take Chichiri out to get some new clothes, while I take a shower and make a few calls?"

Nuriko nodded, and then bit his lip. "Tasuki, do you have any spare cash? I'll pay you back after we get paid tonight.

Tasuki shook his head. "Nope. Not after that hospital bill."

Hotohori took out a silver credit card and handed it to Nuriko.

"This should be enough to get him a few things." He looked at Nuriko. "Just don't max it out this time."

Nuriko grinned sheepishly. "Ok, Hotohori. Just some jeans, shirts, socks, shoes and underwear?"

"Better add a coat, boots and sweaters to that, Nuriko," Tasuki commented, gesturing to the snow.

"And hats and gloves," Hotohori said. He smiled fondly. Chichiri still had an innocence about him that surprised Hotohori at times. He had acted like a kid at Christmas when Tasuki gave him some of his clothes since Chichiri's apartment had burned down with all his stuff inside. He thought for a few minutes and frowned. "School supplies, too, Nuriko. Maybe books, a computer, and a VCR." He frowned again and looked around the apartment. "I hadn't realized it was so bare, Tasuki. Better include video tapes, too, and a bigger television. Chiriko, why don't you go with them?"

Tasuki tried not to crack up. Compared to his last apartment, this one was a paradise.

Chiriko nodded. "I needed new shoes, anyway."

"We'll have to take a bus," Nuriko decided. "I hope Chichiri won't be too scared."

Chichiri came out of the bathroom in the outfit he'd had on earlier. He'd folded the long sleeves of the shirt up so his arms could be seen. His blue hair was longer than Tasuki had ever seen it, hanging down to Chichiri's waist. Water dripped onto the floor from his wet hair.

"What's going on, no da?" he asked as he instinctively walked over to Tasuki. "Are you ok, my kare?" His soft hands touched the stitched gash tenderly.

"Fine, Chichiri." He grinned at him. "Nuriko's going to take you shopping. I don't mind you wearing my stuff, but I'm afraid you'll freeze in the winter without a coat." He looked at Nuriko and Hotohori, his eyes pleading for them to back him up.

"He's right, Chichiri. It's really cold outside," Nuriko commented.

"Indeed. Some friends we would be if we let you freeze." Hotohori smiled gently at Chichiri.

Chichiri shrugged. "Ok, no da." He did not understand what all the fuss was about, but if Tasuki thought he should get some new things, who was he to argue.


To be continued.