Muzukashii Uta




"You're nervous."

"A bit...."

"Is this your first time?"


Tasuki gently squeezed the hand he held, giving his support. "Don't worry, just follow my lead." He grinned seductively, "it'll feel great."

Chichiri smiled softly in return. "I hope I'm good enough."

"Why am I here again?" Hotohori piped up.

"Because it's your fault Nuriko's out," the fiery idol teased. The noble youth had finally rid himself of the guilt of all that had happened, or, most of it anyway, and was now getting used to the other's playful words. "Besides, we could use your talents," he winked.

"Just give it your best," Tamahome said, giving his own support to the newbies.

Seconds later the lights were lowered, and they knew it was time to begin. With a gleam in his eye, the fire-haired young man once again brought the microphone to his lips.


"We are THTC!! Metcha hajike tande!"


~owari~ (for good ^^ )


>^.^< It had to be done....