'Irony of Desire'

By Hitari


Whee! Chapter two no da! Same thing again, Fushigi yuugi and it's characters don't belong to me, but I will return them in one piece...... I hope na no da. The song that begins this chapter is 'Tokimeki No Doukasen', the ending theme to Fushigi yuugi no da! Well, this chapter does contain a lemon, have fun na no da! *hentai grin*


~When I call out your name

I might wake up

It can't possibly work out this well

Meeting you again by chance~


Chapter two: We meet again...


Tasuki laid Chichiri down gently onto the soft grass of a lakeshore. Leaning down, he caught the monk's lips in a tender kiss. The fiery young man let his hands wander sensually over his lover's body. The blue haired man gazed up at him lovingly before nibbling softly at the bandit's jawline. Tasuki placed a hand on Chichiri's chest, pushing him back down slowly and deliberately.

"I wanna make love to ya Chiri. Not the other way 'round. Relax koi."

Chichiri nodded and complied. He sighed and threw his head back, allowing Tasuki to start on his neck. The thief nipped playfully at Chichiri's collarbone before he began to undo his lover's shirt. Tossing the white cloth aside, the red haired bandit licked and kissed a path down the mage's chest and abdomen, stopping teasingly at his waistband. Chichiri was already moaning and squirming underneath the brigand's ministrations.

"Tasuki ... Tasuki... ah!!"

The enamored spellcaster cried out softly as the firey haired bandit nuzzled his swiftly growing erection through his forest green pants. Reaching up slightly, Tasuki slowly began to untie Chichiri's pants. The monk sighed and blushed as the bandit slid the soft cloth down his long legs and threw them to the side along with the bandit's own pants and shirt. Holding his hands out, he let Tasuki fall into his warm and loving embrace. Turning his head, Chichiri nibbled lightly on Tasuki's earlobe, earning a startled gasp from the action. Pulling away, Tasuki trailed his hands up the monk's quivering stomach and chest, stopping to tease one of his dark nipples. The mage growled softly and spread his legs, wanting Tasuki to take him. However, the brigand was having none of that yet. With a wry grin, he reached down and snapped Chichiri's legs shut. The monk gave a frustrated moan, sitting up and grabbing Tasuki's shoulders and pulling him into a rough kiss, also bringing him down to the ground with him, opening his legs again for the bandit to lie between them. Tasuki's sighed in defeat and wrapped the spellcaster's legs around his waist.

"Okay Chiri, ya know the drill. Brace yerself."

Nodding, the monk gritted his teeth, firmly locking his hands in the lush grass around him. The bandit gently thrust his hips forward, not wanting to hurt the man he loved. Chichiri let out a breathless gasp as Tasuki entered him, filling him to the maximum. The brigand stopped, concerned for his lover. Chichiri's sigh of pleasure reassured him, allowing himself to enter the mage all the way to the hilt.


"Gods Chiri, yer so fuckin' tight!"

Leaning down, Tasuki devoured his beloved monk's lips with his own, delighted in the feeling of him kissing back with equal fervor. Slowly, he trust into Chichiri, reveling in the warmth and tightness of his body. The monk threw his head back, gasping and panting, unable to create coherent words. Tasuki loved hearing the sounds the mage let out whenever he made love to him. Before long, Chichiri began to thrust his hips back, lost in pleasure. Reaching between their bodies, Tasuki grabbed the spellcaster's erection, stroking him to a climax that rivaled his own.





Genrou was greeted by the hard floor of his bedroom. Groaning, he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. Another night, another wet dream involving Chichiri and Tasuki.

"I am so fucked up..."

The young man stood up and parted the curtains of his window, expecting at least one little green alien with a mind controlling machine or something in that area to be standing outside. Instead, all he saw was the semi-busy streets of Tokyo at dawn. Wait a minute... DAWN?!? Genrou turned around quickly and glanced at his clock.

"Damn!! 5:30 in the fuckin' mornin'!!"

Sighing in defeat, the firey haired boy trudged to his closet and pulled out his clothes for the day. Typically, Genrou would just go back to sleep and secretly hope for another interesting dream of Chichiri and Tasuki. However, today was different. He felt that something was going to happen that morning.

And the feeling made him shiver..... from sheer joy. He didn't know why...

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

Heading to the bathroom, he glanced in a mirror in th hallway.

"AHHH! Oh.....it's me...damn, I gotta brush my hair..."


After the typical fiasco at breakfast with his sisters, Genrou was walking down the sidewalk, heading to the school. Sighing, he looked up at the sky for answers to his screwed up way of life. //Man, as if havin' a wet dream about two guys, one bein' a monk, were bad enough, I have 'em almost EVERY NIGHT!! Maybe my ma's right, maybe I DO need ta see a shrink.// Genrou entertained that thought for a moment. //Nah!!//

"Oi, Gen-chan. Whad'er ya doin' out here so early in da mornin'?"

Looking up Genrou saw Kouji walking up to him.

"Oh, ohayo Kouji. I woke up early.... a....anou..... a dream.... woke me up."

Kouji was suspicious as to why his best friend was blushing while he said this but decided not to press into the issue. Instead he grinned and told the red haired young man the news he had heard.

"Hey, d'ya know that the sensei ya hated-"

"Which one?"

"Stinebring. Da American one."

"Oh, that bitch."

"Hai, her. Anyway, I hear yesterday she quit finally."

"Ya serious?! ALRIGHT!! HELL YEAH!!"

Jumping up into the air, Genrou whooped and pulled Kouji into a victory dance. Laughing, the blue haired teenager peeled himself away from his best friend, trying to hold him still by the shoulders.

"Yo, yo, Genrou.... 'ey, dat rhymed.... anyway, now ya got a new sensei."

Genrou's celebrations were cut short. His face fell and he pouted, his fangs poking out at the corners of his mouth.

"Great, now I got another nutcase."

Kouji slapped his friend on the back, trying to comfort the depressed teenager.

"Well, ya never know Gen-chan, maybe ya'll have a cool sensei."

Chuckling, the fiery haired young man began walking again, placing his hands in his pockets.

"Kouji, what are th' chances of THAT happenin'?"

He had no idea how wrong he was.


Genrou and Kouji stood outside the door of his classroom, the first ones to arrive. It wasn't Genrou's first class of the day but he thought he might as well meet his new teacher. Placing a hand on the doorknob, Genrou winked at Kouji, grinning and baring his fangs.

"Wish me luck buddy."

"Good luck Genrou, ya'll need it."

The red haired young man jokingly threw a punch in his best friend's direction which was easily blocked. Turning, Genrou put his hand on the doorknob again, feeling nervous for some reason. //Man, what is WRONG with me?!// Pushing forward a little, he opened the door, not knowing what was going to be on the other side. When he did see what it was, or rather, who it was, he froze in his tracks. For a moment, the figure sitting behind the desk with his legs thrown casually over the side of the chair and reading a book, looked exactly like Chichiri from Genrou's dreams. However, on closer inspection, there were certain differences. First, this man had brown hair in almost the same style as Chichiri, most of it held back in a long ponytail. However, his bangs were low over his face, not standing straight up. Also, his left eye wasn't sealed shut by a scar, instead, both of his beautiful red eyes were in view. And last, he was REAL! No dream here, although he was hot enough to have come from one. Looking up, the sensei smiled and swung his legs back down to the ground. When the red eyed man spoke, Genrou felt chills run up his spine.

"Ohayo, boku wa Ri Houjun. And your name is?"

Genrou could only stare and gape while Kouji glared at Houjun jealously, even the blue haired young man himself not knowing why he felt so angry at the new teacher.


Hai, I suck, I know, no da. Oh well, at least I try.... man, I should have made the lemon more.... more.... graphic..... but nnnoooo. I had to be dull, no da.... ^_^;