Irony of Desire

By: Hitari

No da! I finally sat down to really write a fic! Now, this is based off of Fushigi Yuugi, which doesn't belong to me, na no da. It belongs to Watase-san, but I do wish they were mine.... heh heh (hentai grin). Anyway, this is a reincarnation fic that is yaoi and will more than likely become a lemon. Ahhh....lemons....make lemonade, no da! Oh, (does Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures impression) one more thing, the songs I will use at the beginings of chapters don't belong to me either no da. The one in this chapter is 'Estaba escrito' loosely translated to 'It was written' by Frankie Negron (swoons). On more thing! When Genrou and Kouji talk, I write some of the words strangely so that it's like their accents, no da. Enjoy the ficcie no da!

~What we have is more than an attraction

It seems like we've had a past life

It was written that my soul

Is the twin of your soul

That's how destiny decided it to be

It was written all this time

In the messages of my dreams~

Chapter one: In my Dreams...

A young man, around twenty years of age, with flaming red hair ran farther up the dirt road he and his companion were traveling. His partner, another man of about thirty years of age himself, with sky blue hair lagged behind with an amused yet tired look on his scarred visage.

"Tasuki no da! Slow down, we aren't in any hurry, or else we would have teleported na no da!"

The earlier mentioned red head looked back at him with a fanged grin gracing his recklessly attractive face. He paused a moment to reply and to let the monk catch up to him.

"Aww... come on Chichiri! I wanna get t' the next town 'fore the sun sets! I sure don't wanna sleep on the hard ground again!!"

Finally, Chichiri caught up to the bandit. Leaning up slightly to reach the taller man's face, he stopped within a scant inch of Tasuki's full lips. The brigand felt an involuntary shudder pass through his body from of their closeness. Tasuki closed his amber eyes, wanting Chichiri to come even closer, to kiss him. He could feel the monk's warm breath mixing with his own and the comforting heat of his body pressed against his.

"What about with me, no da? Would you sleep on the 'hard ground' with me, na no da?"

Tasuki opened his eyes and stared into Chichiri's reddish- brown one, seeing it starting to shine with lust and passion, swirling with a deep, searing love. The bandit smirked, one fang poking out of his upper lip slightly.

"Are ya tryin' ta seduce me 'Chiri? 'Cause it sure sounds like it..."

"Maybe I am... do you mind that, no da?"

"Hell no I don't mind, keep right on goin'."

Chichiri smiled at hearing these words. He held Tasuki's chin, leaning in for that expected kiss.


"Shun'u-san, wake up. You are still in class."

Kou Shun'u, also known as 'Genrou' by his friends, sat up suddenly, woken out of his daydream by his sensei's attempt at Japanese. He growled quietly, still too shaken by the dream to make a sharp comeback. He looked up at his sensei, a woman from the land of the west. She appeared American, if human at all, and did not speak the language of Japan well, using formalities from long years past. She was in her late fourties, going on th fifties and quite insane in her student's opinions.

"Listen bitch, I don't give a fuck about yer class. Go ta hell fer all I care."

The sensei just gave an exasperated sigh and walked away, most likely to write him up as usual. Genrou rolled his eyes and closed his sketchbook. He paused, catching a glimpse of something on the paper, and opened it again. He hadn't noticed he'd been drawing before he had slipped into his dream world. It was a rough sketch of that blue haired man from his visions. The person in the drawing was smiling with his head tilted slightly to the right, holding out his hands in front of him, as if reaching out for Genrou himself. Picking up a pencil he wrote the name he heard so many times in his dreams.

// Chichiri, ne? Gods he is so fuckin' hot. Wha? What the hell am I thinkin'?! So what if I dream about him a lot. So what if in almost every dream he's screwin' that guy Tasuki who looks just like me. So what? Damn I got it bad. I'm after a guy who doesn't even exist!!//

While all this rambling went on in Genrou's mind, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. The flame haired youth still sat at his desk, nearly staring a hole in the picture while the other students gathered their things to leave. He stayed, pondering what was wrong with him and what had caused it.

//Maybe I hit my head when I was a kid? Or Aidou knocked somethin' loose and now I'm psycho? Oh! I know! Aliens! Aliens did this ta me! Those bastards. Okay, so maybe I am psycho...//

A young man with dark blue hair stuck his head in the doorway of the classroom, looking in the mass of students for Genrou. Spotting him in his trance-like state, he grinned and walked over to him. Standing behind his friend, the blue haired youth bent down and knocked lightly and playfully on his head.

"OI! Is our Genrou in dere? I don't know Kouji, is he? Of course he is! Genrou, wake up buddy!!"

Genrou broke out of his thoughts with a grin at Kouji's usual antics. It had become a long running joke between them, although sometimes it really did seem as if Kouji had a split personality. Pushing away Kouji's hand he stood up, throwing his stuff carelessly into his bookbag. When he picked up his sketchbook Kouji noticed the picture of Chichiri and snatched it out of his friend's hand. He frowned.

"Ya had another 'o dem dreams again Gen-chan?"

Genrou nodded and sighed.

"Hai. I dunno why I have 'em, but they seem so fuckin real though. An' fer some reason I feel close ta this 'Chichiri' guy. And I've never met the damn guy!"

The firey young man looked up in time to catch Kouji glaring almost jealously at Chichiri's portrait. Genrou blinked a few times before tapping his best friend on the shoulder.

"Oi, Chikyuu ta Kouji, come in Kouji. Do ya read me?"

Kouji jumped slightly and blushed a deep crimson.

"Eh... G-gomen Genrou. I guess I zoned out dere fer a minute."

Kouji handed the book back to Genrou before stuffing his hands into his pockets, trying also to return his face to it's normal tanned color. Genrou shook his head and carefully placed the sketchbook in his bag.

//What is up with Kouji? Every time I draw Chichiri he gets jealous. What the fuck is up with that? //

Slinging his bookbag over his shoulder he headed to the door, waving for Kouji to follow him.

"I wanna go home. I'm tired."


As Genrou slipped into bed after dinner, and a few fights with his sister Aidou, he thought about Chichiri. For some reason he felt something important was going to happen the next day and it had to do with the man in his dreams, but he couldn't figure it out.

To be continued...

Wai wai! I'm done with chapter one! The next one should be up soon since school is out for winter break. See ya in the next one!