Healing epilogue

By: Shinigami


Tasuki pulled Chichiri into the bedroom, pausing only long enough to close and lock the door. He and Chichiri just stood for a moment, basking in each other's presence. Appreciating the fact that they were finally holding each other.

Tasuki started to get impatient so he pushed Chichiri towards the bed. Lying him down and getting on top of him, he could feel their erections against each other. Tasuki quickly stripped Chichiri while the monk did the same for him, urgency showing in the actions.

Finally their arousals touched with no barriers. Chichiri moaned the bandit's name as he began to trust, pinning Chichiri down to the bed with his movements.

"Aahh... Tasuki?"


"I've never actually.... done this before no da," Chichiri's breath was coming in gasps as Tasuki ground their erections together.

"Do you still want to?" Tasuki asked, not stilling his hips.

"Oh gods, can't you tell no da?"

Tasuki smirked then leaned forward to whisper in Chichiri's ear.

"It'll hurt at first but I think it's worth it," at that Tasuki gave a particularly hard thrust. Chichiri was panting now as he wrapped his legs around Tasuki to get their erections closer.

"Take me please! I can't wait any longer no da! Oh Tasuki, I've wanted you for so long!"

Tasuki couldn't take it any longer either. In one quick thrust he impaled Chichiri. The tightness and heat of the monk's body were so much that it took all Tasuki's will not to keep pounding into Chichiri. His mind was nearly gone in the heat of the moment but he had enough wits to know that he didn't want to hurt Chichiri. After a moment he looked down at his lover.

Chichiri whimpered a little and waited for Tasuki to move. When he didn't, the spell caster opened his good eye and looked up at him.

"Are you okay?" Tasuki asked, his voice low and husky with need.

Chichiri could only nod his head. He moved his own hips, thrusting, to get the orange-haired bandit to start moving again. Tasuki got the hint almost immediately and began pounding out a rhythm with his trusts. Each move he made was met with Chichiri's own thrust back. Chichiri could tell his body wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. He was moaning and professing his love for the bandit non-stop now. Tasuki, wanting this to be the best experience Chichiri had ever felt, reached between their constantly moving bodies to pump Chichiri's erection. At the first slight touch, Chichiri felt the world explode in wave after wave of the purest pleasure imaginable. Tasuki found this moment at the same time and they both cried out together. As the feeling of orgasm gradually faded away, Tasuki collapsed next to Chichiri and hugged him to him. Chichiri returned the embrace. Tasuki leaned in closer to whisper in Chichiri's ear.

"I love you, Chichiri. Itsumo. Never leave me, please?"

"Never. I promise no da. I love you, too."

Tasuki relaxed and settled back onto the bed, prepared to go to sleep when he felt Chichiri get up and straddle him. His eyes flew open as he felt Chichiri, hard against him again.

"Care to do it again no da?" Chichiri smiled and wiggled his hips against Tauski's returning arousal. "How about I take you this time na no da?"

"But, I thought ya'd never-" Chichiri cut him off by kissing him soundly.

"I'm a fast learner," Chichiri stretched out along Tasuki's body, kissing him thoroughly and moving his hands along Tasuki's chest, earning little moans when he teased his nipples. Chichiri did this for a while then decided he was ready. He sat up a little and prepared to enter Tasuki. Tasuki's eyes were closed, his face open, trusting, and wanting. Chichiri took a deep breath then pushed slowly into Tasuki, taking care to watch his face to make sure he was comfortable.

Tasuki felt like he was in heaven. Chichiri deeply embedded in his body was the most perfect experience. When Chichiri started moving again, Tasuki nearly lost his mind. In and out, in and out, faster, deeper! No matter how inexperienced Chichiri was at sex, it felt so good!

*pant*pant* "Tasuki! Come for me Tasuki, please no da!" Chichiri nearly yelled out. As if the words were a trigger, Tasuki hit climax then and there. Only seconds after, still in the aftershocks, Chichiri came too. He fell down on top of Tasuki, utterly worn out from such strenuous (and pleasing) activities. Tasuki's arms came up to encircle Chichiri's waist as their breath began to regulate.

"Thanks Chiri-chan. That was amazin'! I love you, koibito," Tasuki started drifting into the realm of sleep. Chichiri sat up a little and looked into Tasuki's face. He smiled softly.

"I love you too, Tasuki-chan no da."

Now and forever.



Finally! Yatta! *jumps around throwing confetti* Sleep is callin' my name and I was born to answer that call no da! I felt like making a long lemon scene and Chichiri on top for a change. Oh well, ja ne no da minna-san!