Here's the next installment! Ja na no da!

Healing part 2 By Shinigami

Here's part 2! I have an epilogue with the juicy parts in it because I figured some people may not want to read it. (can't imagine why) Anyway, Shonen ai in this part and full-blown yaoi, lemon in the epilogue. E-----njoy!


Tasuki was frustrated and really, really bored. He had been patiently (yeah right) waiting for Mitsukake's healing powers to come back so he could be healed. Then who shows up and just happens to get stabbed through the stomach? Why Tamahome of course! The whole reason Tasuki was out of action comes and Mitsukake uses his power on him, not Tasuki!!! The injustice was almost unbearable, especially with the promise of what would happen once he was healed.

Tasuki blushed a little and shook his head, trying to banish the thoughts that were making him even more frustrated at his immobile state. He desperately hoped that Chichiri wouldn't change his mind about their date because Tasuki wouldn't be recovered for a longer amount of time.


"DAAAAAA!!!!" Chichiri was so disappointed! Mitsukake finally regains his powers (the wait had seemed years even if it was only one day) then Tamahome gets a sword shoved up his guts. Granted, he was glad Tamahome was back on their side, but couldn't he have come just one day later? Chichiri didn't want to wait much longer. The thought of Tasuki, the sight of Tasuki, all of it, he was sure, was going to drive him crazy eventually! God, he wanted Tasuki so badly!

"Ah, Suzaku! Let him still want me no da!"


Tasuki was on top of Chichiri just about to enter him. Chichiri opened his lust-filled eye to look encouragingly up at him when.......Tasuki woke up. He cursed his timing and his body. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Chichiri? It only made it worse to reflect on the situation! Oh well, at least tomorrow Mitsukake would get his abilities back.

Tasuki closed his eyes and tried to ignore his erection long enough to go to sleep.


Sun filtered through the embroidered curtains in Tasuki's window into his room. He opened his eyes to find Chichiri asleep next to him, on the floor with his head on the bed. He stirred slightly.



"Nothing. Just wondering if you were awake yet no da," Chichiri lifted his head and smiled at Tasuki.

Tasuki smiled back. "What's fer breakfast and when is it? I'm starvin'! I think I could eat as much as Miaka!"

"Then you must be pretty hungry no da! Lets get up and go see no da."

"Sure Chiri-chan," for some reason Chichiri started laughing a little. Tasuki blinked, "what?"

"Nothing no da. I just liked the nickname that's all no da."

"Whatever Chiri-chan. Lets just go eat!" Tasuki started to get up, slowly because of the wounds. Chichiri got up to help him and they both went out to get food.


"GOD DAMNIT!!!!" Tasuki was swearing a long and descriptive string of adjectives about what he thought of Tamahome. He and Chichiri were heading back to his room after finishing breakfast.

In Tasuki's opinion, Tamahome had started it all by not remembering or feeling sorry for beating him up. They had gotten into a fight. Tamahome won.

"I coulda beaten him with one hand tied behind my back if I wasn't injured!"

"Hai, hai Tasuki-chan no da! Just calm down! Tamahome didn't mean anything by it no da! He was under the influence of the diedu at the time! Remember no da?"

"He still coulda seemed more sorry about it," Tasuki was pouting now and his fangs were sticking out.

Chichiri looked over at Tasuki. /Oh gods! he's so cute when he pouts like that!/ He pulled off his mask and turned Tasuki's head towards him.

"Don't worry about it no da," and with that he closed the distance between them quite pleasantly, kissing Tasuki.


"Where did Tasuki go?"

Mitsukake was looking around for him to heal him (his powers were back now). He'd lost track of Tasuki after breakfast had taken a bad turn, what with Tamahome and all. He turned the corner of the hall to go see if Tasuki was in his room when he saw it.

Chichiri, kissing Tasuki full on the mouth, in the middle of the corridor. Well, at least he'd found Tasuki. Mitsukake coughed to get their attention.


The kiss was just starting to get heated up when they heard the cough. Breaking apart guiltily, Tasuki and Chichiri turned towards the sound.

"You may want to get a room as this is a public hallway. Anyway, I can heal you now Tasuki."

Tasuki and Chichiri blushed at being found and kept quiet. Mitsukake held out his hand with the symbol on it, healing Tasuki. He felt the strength return to his limbs and his bones knit back together.

Finally Mitsukake was done.

"Hey, thanks man! It's great ta be able to move around so much! Now I'm gonna pay back that son-of-a-bitch Tamahome!"

Chichiri coughed at his side. He was still blushing a little.

"Oh yeah! But first things first," Without a second glance, Tasuki grabbed Chichiri and pulled him into his bedroom.

Mitsukake sweatdropped as he heard the door lock and he turned to leave.

"At least my bedroom is far away from Tasuki's," he muttered.


Done! I'll write the lemon epilogue sometime but until then...Ja ne no da!!!