Healing part 1 By: Shinigami

Warnings: Shonen ai Setting: Remember when Tamahome beat Tasuki up under the influence of the diedu? Well... this is set when Tasuki gets bandaged up by Mitsukake and afterwards. Note: Diedu is the same thing as kodoku. It just says diedu in the graphic novels.


"OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!" Tasuki screamed and scrinched his eyes shut against the pain. Mitsukake finished tying off the bandage.

"There. Now you'll have to wait a day or so for me to be able to heal you. I can only heal about once a day and I already used it up on Miaka."

Tasuki's eyes had tears in them. "I'm glad 'n all that Miaka's better but, shit this hurts!"

"Well you did break 3 ribs, your right arm and leg, an-"

"Yeah, yeah don' remind me!"

"Get some sleep and you can start healing naturally. The the pain will lessen," Mitsukake picked up the unused first aid supplies and headed for the door t Tasuki's room, leaving Tasuki on the bed.



"I forgot ta thank ya."

"No problem. Just get better or Miaka will get worried about you," With that Mitsukake left the room.

Tasuki was left with his pain and his thoughts. Not a good combination. It left him frustrated at his helplessness. He really wanted to pay that Tamahome jerk back for what he did to him and Miaka! Tasuki slowly relaxed enough to fall into a somewhat restful sleep.


Chichiri was waiting in the hall next to Tasuki's room. He looked distraught and worried. His head shot up as he heard Mitsukake open Tasuki's door and come out into the hall.

"Is he okay no da? Is it serious no da? Can I go see him no da?"

"I think you should let him rest. He's been through a lot today and no, it's no that serious. He's not going to die or anything."

"Thank Suzaku no da! I was really worried no da!"

Mitsukake gave Chichiri a funny look and then headed down the hall towards his room.

Chichiri was frustrated that he couldn't go in and see his friend, well more than a friend to him. Chichiri was hopelessly in love with Tasuki and when he found himself unable to help Tasuki while Tamahome beat the crap out of him... he couldn't forgive himself. All he could do was make sure he was on the road to recovery.

Chichiri scowled behind his mask and teleported to his room to get some sleep and try to stop thinking about Tasuki. This was going tot be a long night.


Tasuki awoke suddenly, confused and sweaty. He was really hot and in pain from his wounds, it was dark and for a moment he couldn't figure out what it was that had woken him up. Then he was startled by a cool cloth on his forehead. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Tasuki found himself staring into the face of Chichiri applying a damp towel to his head.

"I'm sorry did I wake you up no da? I came in to check on you and see if you were okay no da. you seemed a little warm to me so I got this cloth."

"Thanks," Tasuki lapsed into silence as the monk gently smoothed his bangs back. "You were worried about me?"

Chichiri gulped and turned a little red, hoping that Tasuki wouldn't notice (he wasn't wearing his mask). He said in what he hoped was a calm voice, "yes, the wounds seemed pretty bad and I didn't want you to be hurt no da."

"Oh," Tasuki sounded almost disappointed. Chichiri was trying to figure out why when Tasuki suddenly sat up, ignoring the terrible pain in his chest for a moment, and captured Chichiri's lips with his own in a passionate kiss.

Whatever Chichiri had been thinking was driven out of his mind by Tasuki's tongue in his mouth. He moaned and begged Tasuki for more by returning the onslaught with his own tongue sliding against Tasuki's.

Tasuki had to break the kiss eventually as the effort of sitting up became to great. He collapsed back onto the bed cursing himself for doing that.

Chichiri's eye was still closed in remembered sensation from the kiss. He slowly opened it to look dazedly at Tasuki.

Tasuki, fearing what Chichiri would say, was looking at the bedspread determinedly.

"Tasuki.... why did you just do that?"

"I...I just... I like ya Chichiri, and always have since I met ya! I think I even love ya," his voice had dropped down to a whisper, waiting for the rejection that was sure to come.

"You... you DO!? Oh Tasuki-chan, I love you, too!" Chichiri would have thrown his arms around Tasuki's neck but Tasuki was still hurt so he leaned down and kissed gently.

Tasuki was in sort of shock. His feelings were returned?! He had just recovered and was starting to enjoy the kiss more when Chichiri pulled away. Tasuki looked up at him with passion filled eyes. Chichiri looked back with a similar expression.

"Remember that I love you Tasuki no da. I have to go now so you can get some sleep and feel better. Lets just consider it date as soon as you're recovered no da. I want you but you're too wounded."

He leaned down for a quick kiss, "just hurry up and get better."  With that he replaced the cool towel on Tasuki's forehead and ran his fingers across his cheek. Tasuki wished that he could reach out and touch his love but his wounds prevented him. Chichiri disappeared, leaving Tasuki cursing Tamahome more and more for incapacitating him.

Outside Tasuki's door Chichiri leaned against it listening to Tasuki cuss himself hoarse. He smiled and touched his fingers to his lips.

/Next time my Tasuki./

~End part 1~

Comments are welcome and appreciated! I'll add more next time: What happens after Mitsukake heals Tasuki! Hee, hee sounds like a PWP to me! Ja ne no da!