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~I'm so scared that you will see all the weakness inside of me I'm so scared of letting go That all the pain I've hid will show I know you want to hear me speak But I'm afraid that if I start to I'll never stop~

By: Plus One ***


"Chichiri!! Get back 'ere!! Why don't ya tell me what's wrong?!"

Chichiri stopped on the steps of the office building he worked at and turned to face Tasuki with an icy glare. When he spoke, his voice was as frosty as his gaze.

"What's wrong? You want to know what's wrong?! You know perfectly well 'what's wrong'!!!

Tasuki winced at the last few shouted words. Thankfully no one stopped to look at the impending scene the two lovers were making right there on the office's steps. Knowing Chichiri well enough, the red head knew that the blue haired man could and would be very stubborn when he was angry as he so obviously was at the moment. Tasuki braced himself mentally and started again, trying to soothe the raging beast that was Chichiri's temper.

"Look, if I left the orange juice out again I'm sorry. Ya know I don't mean ta, I just ferget, is all."

His blue haired lover stared at him with a look of disbelief on his face. Suddenly Chichiri's expression turned dark and his normally cheerful red eyes burned angrily.

"You think that I'm THIS pissed off because of a carton of ORANGE JUICE you left out!?! Which you did by the way, but that's NOT what I'm talking about!!"

Tasuki winced again. Oh boy, he was in for it this time.

"Okay, okay, um... I didn't satisfy ya last night? Um... if ya want ya c'n take the day off an' I could make it up ta ya."

Chichiri's eyes were literally glittering from his rage.

"Wrong. That's not it either!"

Tasuki blinked.

"Well then what did I do? Whatever it is, gomen ne Chiri."

Crimson eyes flashed.

"So now you think that you can just call me pet names and expect me to be all smiles and that I won't be angry anymore?!"

Tasuki started to feel frustrated and even more confused.

"Chichiri, koi, I never said that damnit. I'm really sorry if I did somethin' ta piss ya off, I really am! I just don't know what I did though, tell me!"

Chichiri sighed and put his briefcase down on one of the steps and placed his hands on his hips.

"Think about what you did this morning."

Tasuki's attractive face screwed up cutely in thought.

"Anou... I got up, gave ya a kiss on the cheek since ya was still asleep... took a shower, dressed, made us breakfast...ate mine... gave ya another kiss when ya came out ta eat yer breakfast... I went outside ta get the newspaper-"

Chichiri pointed at him accusingly.

"Right there! What did you do while you were outside?"

The red head blinked in confusion.

"Eh... got the paper... talked ta the neighbor-"

"That's it!!"

Tasuki blinked again.

"Yer mad at me 'cause I was talkin' ta Nuriko?"

"Iie, I'm mad at you because you were FLIRTING with Nuriko!"

"NANI?!?! I was NOT!!"

Chichiri snorted and picked up his briefcase again, turning to go inside the building. When he spoke his voice was bitter.

"Why do I waste my time on you..."

Tasuki's blood ran cold at those words. His face grew pale and all of his emotions left him, then returned in full force. Using his speed, he climbed up the steps ahead of Chichiri and stood in his way, pinning him with his glare. His fangs, usually bared only in play or seduction, were now being shown in pure rage. The blue haired man's eyes widened and he nearly dropped his briefcase, frightened and unsure of what Tasuki was planning to do to him. The red head was always gentle to him, but he was also dangerous and unpredictable when angered. However, Chichiri regained his composure and held his ground.

"Get out of my way Tasuki, I'm going to be late."

Tasuki ignored Chichiri's words, his blood boiling and pounding in his ears.

"You did NOT say that to me... 'waste my time on you'? What the fuckin' hell Chichiri!! How dare you?!"

"'How dare you'? You are saying THAT to ME?! I'm not the one who just cheated on my lover!!"

"Cheated?! What the hell are ya talkin' about!! I never cheated on ya and I never will! Where the fuck did ya get that idea?!"

Chichiri's angry demeanor melted into one of sorrow and betrayal. His ruby colored eyes began to fill with his silver tears.

"I've seen you flirting with our neighbor, Nuriko. All those looks and secret smiles you used to give to me when we first started going out, I've seen you give to him.... you never act that way with me anymore.... aren't I good enough now? Don't you find me attractive like before? I...I..."

Tasuki was speechless when he saw Chichiri's bright tears spill over his cheeks. The blue haired man's words failed him and he turned and ran into the building, leaving a shocked Tasuki behind. When his mind started functioning again, Tasuki chased after Chichiri.

"OI!! Oi, 'Chiri! Chotto matte! Come back!!"

He spotted Chichiri in an elevator, backed up against as corner, his hands up covering his face, obviously crying. For a moment, Tasuki felt a pang of guilt and then he reminded himself that Chichiri was bringing this on himself for imagining things. Slipping in just before the doors closed the red head noted that Chichiri was the only other person in the elevator. Slowly, Tasuki reached out and held Chichiri in a gentle hug.

"I swear on all the gods that exist that I have never, EVER, cheated on ya my love. You are far too dear ta me. And if ya think I don't give ya them looks anymore then ya need glasses. I only have eyes for you beloved. My koibito. I need ya in my life. The only reason I live is for you."

Chichiri's only answer was to sob on Tasuki's shoulder, the red head stroking his soft powder blue hair. Suddenly Chichiri pushed him away, his expression accusing again. Tasuki's golden eyes widened.

"C-chichiri? Nani?"

"Quite a moving speech Tasuki, but not moving enough. You expect me to just forgive you and jump into your arms again? Yes, that IS what you expect. Well, too bad Tasuki, you should have known me better. We are over, for good. Have fun with Nuriko."

For the second time that day Tasuki felt his blood freeze. Again his anger drove away all his sense. Grabbing Chichiri's shoulders and pinning him against the wall of the elevator, Tasuki pressed his lips against the blue haired man's. Chichiri struggled, his muffled cries echoing in the small, slow moving elevator. When the red head pulled back, the blue haired man's eyes were wide and terrified at the pure anger in Tasuki's expression. Chichiri tried to pull himself away from the red head, his cheeks still wet from his tears. Tasuki only held him tighter, not in total control of himself. Chichiri cried out in pain, his shoulders starting to turn red under Tasuki's hands. The sound brought the golden eyed man out of his angered haze and he felt guilt fill him, making himself let go and back away, leaving a shivering and whimpering Chichiri behind. The aureate colored eyes widened in in fear of what he almost did to his beloved, the person he loved most in this world. The thought shocked him.

"I..I...oh gods what have I done... I'm so sorry Chichiri, I couldn't control myself.... oh what was I thinkin'... I... I should go...."

Tasuki reached out to press the button for the closest floor from where they were at when the elevator stopped completely. The pair in the elevator stumbled from the sudden change, Chichiri instinctively grabbing Tasuki's arm for support. When they could stand normally, the scarlet eyed man quickly backed away from his lover, unsure of what to do. Tasuki swallowed audibly and looked away from Chichiri, his unruly bangs hiding his golden eyes from view.

"Uh... the elevator ain't movin'... I guess we're stuck here."

"Hai.... so it seems."

The redhead took a deep breath and looked Chichiri in the eyes. Amber met ruby.

"I...I... I'm so sorry Chichiri. I really didn't mean ta grab ya like that but I got pissed off. I'm angry that ya can't understand and believe me. I seriously never cheated on ya and I wish you could see that."

The blue haired man felt his heart melt at Tasuki's pleading tone. He sounded so sincere. Chichiri's crimson eyes filled with tears once again, however, these were tears of pity and remorse. // How could I have doubted him... he's always so honest to me. I'm the one in the wrong this time.// Reaching forward, Chichiri enveloped Tasuki in a gentle hug. When the redhead looked up, Chichiri stared in shock at what he found. The striking aureate eyes were overflowing with salty tears, his cheeks wet and glistening. The golden depths were lifeless, devoid of the energetic life that they used to hold, the only thing they were full of was soulful agony. The crimson eyed man had no idea that he had hurt his lover like that. Wiping away the drops of silver that seemed to be the red head's life essence, Chichiri leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Tasuki's lips. The blue haired man's tears mixed and melded with Tasuki's as their liplock deepened. When they finally pulled apart for need of air, the pair looked into each other's eyes and said at the same time:

"Forgive me my love."

Chichiri gave a laugh that seemed more like a sob and latched onto Tasuki's neck, holding him tightly while whispering nonsense that was comforting all the same. The red head stroked his lover's back, not thinking that Chichiri would want anything more at the moment until he felt a soft suckle on the side of his neck. He gave a startled yelp and looked down at the ruby eyed man. Chichiri glanced up at him with a lustful smile and licked at the pulse he felt starting to race under the tanned skin of his lover. Chichiri pushed Tasuki back into the elevator wall gently, starting to suck on his neck ferverently as he pulled the shirt out from the jeans' waistband. Tasuki felt his blood starting to race to his crotch, leaving him lightheaded. Chichiri slid his slender, smooth hands under the soft material, blazing a searing trail up the red head's abdomen and on his nipples. Lightly rubbing them at first, the blue haired man began to pinch the taunt pebbles of skin hard with his rapidly mounting desire. Tasuki began to gasp, softly in the beginning, but before long he was moaning at the mercy of Chichiri. Helping his lover, Tasuki pulled his shirt over his head and flung it across the small elevator, Chichiri's soon following. Silken hands roamed over well toned chests, melodic moans merged with guttural groans. Reaching down, Tasuki grabbed a hold of Chichiri's waistband, quickly unbuttoning it and pulling the zipper down. Freeing the elder man's legs from the confinement of the rough denim, the golden eyed man attacked the silk boxers, pulling them down the slim thighs and they soon were sailing through the air to meet it's other mates on the floor. Tasuki gulped as he looked upon Chichiri's nude form in front of his eyes. The blue haired man was nothing short of ethereal. He murmured his praise.

"Gods you are fucking hot Chiri..."

Chichiri's face flushed, however, it did not do anything to lower his passions. He leaned forward, pressing his naked body against Tasuki's half clothed form, matching the red head muscle for muscle. He tilted his head back, silently begging to be plundered. Tasuki took the invitation, letting his mouth meld with Chichiri's their tongues starting to swirl around each other, tangling in a delicate dance of lust, love, and domination. The red eyed man's hands strayed to his lover's pants, working the button and zipper with lightning speed. Pushing them down along with the undergarments, Chichiri dropped to his knees in front of Tasuki's quivering form. Looking up, ruby met amber as he swiftly engulfed Tasuki's turgid erection whole. The red head banged his head against the wall behind him as he screamed in pleasure. Chichiri knew exactly what he was doing. Whenever he set himself to pleasure Tasuki, the golden eyed man was never disappointed. Tasuki's breath came out in short gasps as he buried his hands in the soft blue hair and gently pulled him back. Now was not the time for climax, not yet. Chichiri looked up at Tasuki in confusion, his swollen, red lips irresistible for the red head. Pulling the ruby eyed man to a standing position, Tasuki devoured his mouth hungrily, his need overwhelming. Gently, the azure eyed man picked up his lover and set his back against the wall, his long, alabaster legs wrapped around the slender waist. With slow, deliberate movements, the red head entered his lover and listened intently to the sounds he received as reward. He was rewarded well.

"Oh... gods.... TASUKI!!!! Ah! T-take me.... claim me.... make me yours Tasuki... like you always do.... gods I love you..."

The red head was more than willing to comply. Pulling out almost all the way, Tasuki plunged back in, groaning and reveling in the scream that was torn out of Chichiri's throat. That was one thing about Chichiri that always amazed Tasuki. He never would have imagined the calm, blue haired man to be the screamer type in love making. On the contrary, he was sensual, seductive, and down right loud when it came to sex. In bed (or where ever they went at it) Chichiri was a wildcat, purring quietly one minute and growling for all the world to hear another. Every one of Tasuki's well placed, powerful thrusts pounded the crimson eyed man into the wall with tremendous force, wrenching short grunts and cries from that beautiful mouth. Leaning forward, the golden eyed man latched his mouth onto his lover's hungrily, slipping his tongue inside to taste roughly. Chichiri melted into the kiss, tangling his tongue with Tasuki's, wanting him so much. Reaching in between their heaving bodies, the red head placed his hand roughly around the older man's neglected erection. With a ringing cry of pleasure, Chichiri's hand joined Tasuki's, running up and down the hard flesh. Each thrust grew more urgent, breathless moans and groans coming from the red head's throat along with his lover's own. The ruby eyed man leaned forward, licking away the few salty tears that still stained the red head's cheeks. Tasuki moaned from the action, his hand speeding up. Suddenly the world turned upside down for Chichiri. Tasuki struck his sweet spot directly, sending jolts of raw pleasure through his sweating body. With one final cry, Chichiri came violently, spewing his seed all over the red head's hand and torso. When the blue haired man's walls convulsed and clamped down on his cock, Tasuki could no longer hold on. Pressing himself in as deeply as possible, the golden eyed man reached his own climax, coating his lover's inner walls. The pair moaned breathlessly from the feeling, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. After a long moment of silence, Chichiri spoke.

"Tasuki.... You didn't cheat on me... right?"

Tasuki looked down at his exhausted lover with a smile.

"Of course not.... I have never done that nor will I ever."

With a satisfied sigh, Chichiri settled down to a nap on his chest. The two were woken up from their sleep by a dull knocking on the top of the elevator. Tasuki blinked fuzzily for a moment before snapping back to reality. He muttered an explicit curse under his breath.

"Fuckin' ...damn.... I'll stick a pole up their....... shit..... fuckers...."

Chichiri opened his wide red eyes and blinked in surprise.


"Hello? Is anyone still down here? We're here to rescue you from this stalled elevator. Don't worry you'll be out soon."

The two lovers looked at each other and groaned. They were going to be in big trouble.


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