ANOTHER FIC NO DA!!!!!!  Okay, this is not a lemon and is from Chichiri's
POV and it's serious no da.  It's also a songfic and I've never done one
before so I hope it doesn't suck no da.  I'm not even sure that this song is
the best for Chichiri but I don't really care no da.  It was a choir song
that I really liked and wanted to do something with no da.  Enjoy no da!


Cloths of Heaven
By:  Shinigami

/Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths
Enwrought  with gold and silver light,
I'd spread the gold and silver cloths
Under your feet.
Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths./

    I love you.  I know that now, even though I hold no hope of your
returning that love.  Your happiness is all I wish for.  All you ever see is
cheerful, vibrant, alive.  I never want you to loose that life energy and
for that, I'm willing to put aside all of my desires for you.  Please,
please be happy.

/Had I the blue and dim dark cloths of night
And cloths of light and half light,
I'd spread the cloths of light and night
Under your feet.
Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths./

    I'm always watching you as you fight for what you believe in with all
you've got and I can't help but admire you.  But I wonder, after it's all
finished, as the night sky darkens; what keeps you going?  Do you ever feel
the pangs of longing in your heart for something unreachable?  You turn to
look at me, with those soul searching golden eyes, and notice my staring.  I
"da" away your curiosity and concern(?) for my look.  I won't let you know
how I feel.  It would hurt you too much even as it hurts me to keep it all
inside.  Anything for you.

/But I, being poor, have only my dreams.
I have only my dreams.
I spread them under your feet.
I spread my dreams under your feet./

    I'm only a monk.  A monk with a painful, avoided past.  I have nothing
to give you to make you happier.  I have not Hotohori's riches, Nuriko's
strength, or Chiriko's intelligence.  I don't have Tamahome's leader
qualities, Mitsukake's reassuring nature, nor any of your fierce passion or
emotions.  But I do have my hopes and wishes.  My dreams.  Please let them
be enough.

/Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths
Enwrought with gold and silver light,
I'd spread the gold and silver cloths
Under your feet./

    You find me staring again.  You look at me strangely.  What is it that
you see when you look into my eyes?  Without my mask, as I am now, I feel as
though my heart and soul were stripped bare, naked, and open to the world.
Do you see?  See that I would lay down my life at the barest chance of
saving yours?  You must see something for you capture me in your arms and
hold me close, whispering a chant I never thought I would hear from you,
about me.

    "Chichiri, I love you."

/Tread softly.
Tread softly./

    Everything is how I had always secretly wished.  You seem to have made
all my dreams and wishes come true.  Isn't that what I was trying to do for
you?  Give me a chance.  Let me take my wish to protect you and fulfill it
on my own.  Take my dream and let it guard you wherever you may travel or
wander.  Let us travel together to fulfill our dreams.

    "Tasuki, Aishiteru."

/Tread softly,
You tread on my dreams./