"10 Things I Love About You No Da............"



"DAAA!!!! Tasuki, why must you be so insecure no da?!?!?!"

"Because I have every right to be dammit!!! You were flirting with the waiter and you know it!!!"

Chichiri counted to ten slowly and silently, letting out a heavy sigh. He opened his car door and began to walk up the driveway. He was glad they were home now, where they couldn't make a big scene. He hated it when Tasuki acted like this, and he couldn't believe the scene he made back at the restaurant..................

( Flashback)

"Would you like me to read the specials sir?"

Chichiri smiled politely at the young waiter, and shook his head.

"That's alright no da, the menu is fine."

The waiter nodded, and turned to serve the other customers before giving the blue-haired man a sly little wink. Chichiri blushed, and turned to see Tasuki's eyes burning holes into the waiter's back, his fists clenching and unclenching.

"Tasuki-chan, daijobu no da?"

The flame-haired youth turned slowly to face Chichiri, with a hard un-blinking stare. " I'm just peachy" he answered through clenched jaws.

"Tasuki-chan, you're not jealous...are you? It was nothing serious no da, he was just being friendly no da! You know I love you, and only you no da!" Chichiri answered cheerfully, cuddling up closer to Tasuki.

"He was a little too friendly if ya ask me. Maybe if ya weren't flirting with him, he wouldn't have been coming on ta ya like that," Tasuki muttered, absent-mindedly playing with the silverware. "Aren't I enough for you?"

Chichiri scooted away from Tasuki, looking him in the eye. "Flirting no da?! I did no such thing Tasuki; you're so insecure and jealous you just imagined it!"

The younger man jumped up from his seat, his fangs poking out of his frowned lips. "WHAT?! Don't deny it!! You were flirting, admit it!! Look, here comes waiter boy now, why don't you go-------"

"------Have you decided your orders yet sir?" The waiter interrupted, walking up to the edge of the table, smiling cheerfully.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Tasuki screamed, jumping onto the table, knocking down the glasses and silverware. He scooped up the breadsticks and began to throw them at the waiter, who was gasping in shock.

"GO TO HELL, CHIRI-CHAN IS MINE!!!!!" Tasuki cried as he continued to beat the waiter with forks.

"Daaaa!!!! Tasuki-chan no da, stop it!!!"


Chichiri felt his anger rise again as he remembered the earlier event. How could Tasuki be so........be so........be so stupid?! He slumped down onto the awaiting couch, grateful to be sitting. Tasuki pouted as he continued to stand across the room, keeping his eyes glued to the carpet.

"Do you still love me?"

Chichiri looked up upon hearing his lovers voice, blinking. " Of course I still love you no da...." What a silly question to ask....

"Then, then why did ya-----"

"---I did not flirt with him no da," Chichiri interrupted, his voice firm. "Tasuki, I have no idea where you got that idea, but believe me, I was not flirting with him. Being friendly, yes, flirting, no. I love you Tasuki-chan, and only you."

Tasuki smiled weakly, raising his eyes from the floor. "I love ya too Chiri-chan.... I guess I made an ass outta myself tonight, huh."

Chichiri laughed, grateful that their silly fight was now over. "Hai no da! But it was kawaii...in a very strange way no da!" He raised his arms towards Tasuki, who quickly went over to be embraced by warm loving arms.

The two cuddled together in silence, listening to each other's heartbeat. "Aishiteru Chiri-chan" Tasuki whispered, leaning his head against the other man's well-built chest. "Aishiteru Tasuki-chan," came a breathy reply. Tasuki smiled at hearing that and closed his eyes, more then content. Silence filled the room once more. The two held each other tightly on the couch.

"Ne, Tasuki-chan, we should say 10 things that we love about each other ...it will be part of the making up process no da...."

The flame-haired youth smirked. "I had something else in mind, but we can do that. I'll go first then." He gave the older man a soft kiss on the lips. All too soon he moved back slightly, and smiled.

"Lets see.... I love the way you kiss my cheek each and morning when I wake up.... I love the way your eyebrows scrunch up when yer thinking hard.... Oh yeah, I love the sounds ya make when I---"

Chichiri quickly cut him off by kissing him, blushing. "You don't have to be too detailed no da!" He giggled, pulling away from the other's moist lips. "Ok no da, that's three things, seven more to go...."

The younger man laughed, giving Chichiri a small tickle. "I love the way ya laugh! I love how yer so caring to everyone and everything. Hmm.... I love how I could stare into yer deep beautiful mahogany eyes for hours.... I love how you fall asleep in my arms each night.... I love how you try to cook, even though we all know I'm the cook in the house!" Tasuki smirked triumphantly, ignoring Chichiri's glare." That's eight no da, two more...."

"Two more huh.... Well, I love how yer voice sounds when you tell me you love me.... And last but not least...." Tasuki leaned in close, barely touching the other's lips with his own. "....I love the fact that even though you deserve so much better, you chose to be with me.... Aishiteru Chiri-chan."

"Tasuki-chan, I love you" Chichiri murmured, his lips covered softly by Tasuki's. It was starting to get heated up when Tasuki pulled back, and smirked at Chichiri's disappointment. "I believe it's yer turn, love."

"Hai no da, it is." The blue-haired man smiled, slipping his fingers through Tasuki's, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "Da.... I love the way you're so passionate about everything you do no da. And I mean everything no da." Chichiri laughed and blushed, watching Tasuki smirk with pride. "I love the way your eyes light up when you see sake no da. I love the way you always know when I'm feeling down, and you wrap me up in your arms no da.... I love how you are so young at heart, you make me feel young as well no da. I love how you defend the ones you love, no matter what the cost is no da. I love how you ruffle my bangs when I wake up in the mornings no da...."

Tasuki laughed and proceeded to play with the other's blue gravity-defying bangs. "I always thought it bugged ya...."

"No no da, but I like to pretend it does!" Chichiri smiled. "I guess my secret is out no da."

The flame-haired youth grinned, and patted Chichiri on the head. "I think that was six love, four more to go...."

"I love how you act stupid and foolish just to make me laugh no da.... I love how protective you get over me, even though we both perfectly know I can take care of myself no da.... I love the way you look when you pout, those cute little fangs of yours poke out.... Da, and the last one no da, even though I have much more then 10 reasons why I love you...is I love how right it feels when I'm with you no da, how warm you are when we embrace, how happy I feel when you tell me you love me...no da."

Tasuki hugged his Chichiri tight. "I guess those are good enough reasons," he teased, laughing as Chichiri struggled against him. "Do I really look that cute when I pout?"

"Hai no da, you do, its a weakness of mine, I guess you can say no da," Chichiri giggled. "Its getting late no da...we should go to bed."

"Yeah, I agree, but I think we still have a lot more of 'making up' ta do." The younger man winked, and stood up. He quickly scooped Chichiri into his strong arms off the couch and carried him towards the bedroom.

"Da....." Chichiri leaned his head against Tasuki's shoulder, breathing in.

"I love you Tasuki-chan."

"I love ya Chiri-chan. "